We are Going to Grow Everywhere, not Only in Košice

A bigger, better and more innovative company – this is the vision our global CEO Paul Lombard has for the upcoming years. In talks with representatives from management and with staff members from European divisions, Paul shared ideas from strategic plans to matters related to the everyday operation of the company.

Paul’s first stop on the European business trip he undertakes several times throughout the year was right at our main Prague office. He had meetings with representatives from a host of clients and also made time for an informal chat about our projects.

“Disruptive technology shakes up the market and creates new opportunities for those who know how to take advantage of them. We don’t want to only continuously innovative but also help our clients in this direction too,” he said in a statement about IT trends connected to our business.

Paul made a point of speaking directly with managers and staff at all branches and was pleased to be inspired by the variety of views and opinions that his business trips afford him ample opportunity to hear.

Paul headed on from Prague to Košice where one of our development centres was set up a few years ago. In Košice we are working on projects for 10 foreign clients in areas such as the Internet of Things, sport and entertainment media, fintech (anti money laundering), big data, telematics, digital maps or smart transportation.

Paul appreciated the wide scope and the challenging nature of each project and work of the development labs. He laid out his plan for further development at an all-company meeting where, among other things, he stated, “We have been closely cooperating with the Košice centre since 2009, and it’s amazing to see this centre and its key people developing and growing. I’m genuinely proud that today Košice is one of the biggest and most technologically advanced centres. But our journey is not at an end – the best days and milestones are still ahead of us.”

Paul finished his regular visit to countries and regions where we are active at the division in Iași, Romania. “I have seen exponential growth, whether we are talking about new business opportunities or new employees,” Paul told our operation in the region.

Recalling the foundation of the division, he stated that our Romanian colleagues will soon need more than only two floors of an office building. “We have great ambition and are working with the right people, whom we support to the utmost, so they can develop their abilities to the full. This is a universal recipe for success in any business.”

Our Romanian colleagues didn’t even catch Paul out with a humorous question as to what he would invest 2 million USD in.“I like the recently developed forms of transport such as self-driving vehicles. Other areas into which I would definitely invest would be AI combined with automation and new forms of communication.”Paul believes in innovation and in growth built on the use of its potential, a value we share throughout our company.

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