We are partners of car manufacturers and suppliers in the spheres of active safety, automated driving and entertainment. Our clients want to transform their business digitally.

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We’ve been active in the financial services sector for more than 20 years and cooperate with many leading banks, insurance companies and financial groups in the Czech Republic. We respond quickly and efficiently.

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Retail is facing a new generation of technically savvy customers who can access information instantly and who require peerless customer experience, regardless of the channel used. At Ness, we help our clients meet these requirements.

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Our services are used by the largest producers and distributors of electricity, gas, heat and water. We develop solutions for smart distribution networks and increase their efficiency.

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We offer to media, entertainment and publishing companies a unique combination of expertise in the design of modern customer experiences and in-depth data analysis, helping create higher value and a more engaging customer experience.

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In the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions. Their design is based on experience from many health system models from all over the world. Electronic and mobile health systems are nothing new to us.

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Do you need smart sensors, analytical measurements or predictive diagnostics for your factory? Thanks to our extensive capabilities in big data, analytics and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), we can accelerate the journey of digital transformations in your production.

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we have extensive knowledge of CI/CD systems, automated testing, containerisation, public and hybrid clouds and agile approaches. This allows us to provide services that can respond quickly to changes on the market and provide our customers with the flexibility and agility that they need.

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We know the standards of the public and state administration and try to understand their needs. Our years of experience with the development of information systems for the state’s critical infrastructure are boosted with knowledge of solutions from other countries where we seek inspiration and bring new insights.

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We help companies and organizations with identifying opportunities where technologies unleash the potential to do things more simply and more efficiently. We connect internal processes and systems with digital products and services for our client.
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