How to deal with digital disruptions
Interview with the Global CEO of Ness Digital Engineering

How to successfully run a business and remain competitive in times of digital transformation. What are the challenges associated with digital disruptions and how do we help our customers to cope with these disruptions?

› What would you describe as the biggest challenges that Ness customers face?

More than eighty percent of our work helps our customers with revenue management, because we create platforms that support the sale of their products. The main challenge our customers face is to ensure revenue growth. Is more differentiation necessary? Wider brand awareness and higher customer loyalty? How to promote digital business and be more competitive?

At Ness, we focus on areas where we see certain digital disruptions of standard processes. These areas are called domains. They include smart business, which is about new payment methods, customer loyalty and the ability to successfully sell in the digital world.

Talk to your customers

We ask our customers how they use content, videos or music to create a new data product or service for their clients. How they sell them, how they distribute them and how they make them easier to consume. Some domains belong to multiple industries. For example, payments logically belong to financial services, but they are also related to retail, travel, ticket sales and media “consumption”.

Another important domain for us is smart machines. We collaborate with customers from whom we receive a huge amount of information from IoT (Internet of Things) sensors. We then learn how they can use this data to control machines intelligently. Many industries and many business areas are experiencing disruptions in business models, and we help customers to cope with these shocks to standard processes.

› What link do you see between CEOs and executives facing digital change and transformation?

First of all, I would like to say that they clearly see the digital disruptions that are currently taking place because digital technologies are shaking business models and offers of existing products and services and that they are trying to cope with them as quickly as possible. Some tend to control these disruptions in some way, others only react to them.

Managers perceive that modern technologies are key to their success, but companies’ current internal IT systems may not always be designed to be sufficiently responsive to ever-changing market needs.

Corporate IT departments have historically taken care of the employees of their companies, but software has long become a relevant tool to compete and deal directly with clients. Successful CIOs I meet are moving more into the role of Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and working with their innovation teams because they feel the inevitability of internal changes.

Newly emerging technologies provide market differentiation, and the interconnection of these new technologies with flexible, agile business methods becomes the key to success. These topics and this approach are exactly what I learn when I speak with the CEOs of the companies of our customers.

› How do you educate yourself as a CEO?

For me, it’s important to stay in touch with what’s happening in the market and what our customers need. I like to meet my customers personally. I talk to them, hear what they’re trying to do, know what we do for them, and I try to figure out what else we can do for them. Equally important for me is to spend time with employees in our global development centres, whether in India or in Europe.

I often travel for business reasons. I regard it as the best way to keep at the heart of things. I can identify new opportunities, find out what we can do better and how to tailor company and investment direction to keep Ness at the top of its field.

› What advice do you have for your colleagues, CEOs?

Listen to your customers, listen to your employees and be authentic. These are the three things I do. And sometimes it does not hurt to recall that one person cannot know everything.

We live in the golden age of software and technologies. The course of the world as we know it is changing literally every minute. Just look at how we pay today, how we travel and “consume” media. I am convinced that the opportunities that open up to our company and our customers are enormous.


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