We handle your data needs from A to Z. We collect data from source systems, design suitable repositories, analyse, report and visualise with the aid of dashboards. For this purpose, we have also developed our own product, Ness BI Factory, which can save you time and costs and make the operation of your BI solution more efficient, with clear identification of error conditions. For implementing a data repository using our product at Essox, we have received a Microsoft Award.

What can we take care of?

  • We will utilise our experience and accelerators to build a stable data base in an agile and yet efficient manner
  • We will provide all data to your analysts in the form of useful visualisations and automated reports
  • We can reduce the costs and time-to-market of your regulatory and group reporting solution
  • We will guarantee that your and your clients’ data is secure
  • We will provide a licence for Ness BI Factory (BIF), including training for in-house development

Contact us to learn more

We help companies and organizations with identifying opportunities where technologies unleash the potential to do things more simply and more efficiently. We connect internal processes and systems with digital products and services for our client.
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