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4 Key Steps to Using Customer Data More Effectively

In a recent article with Dataversity Vipul Taylor, Salesforce Certified B2B Solution Architect at Ness, shared his insights into how to use customer data to your advantage.

1. Create a single source of truth 

It is critical to aggregate all of your customer data into a single, scalable customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Then, that CRM platform can serve as a single source of truth. For example, Salesforce CRM organizes data to provide a complete record of customer preferences and behaviors, from their online browsing habits and public social media activity (likes and dislikes) to their purchasing histories and outstanding customer service issues.

2. Apply advanced analytics

In order to deliver the personalized experiences that today’s customers crave, you need to be able to anticipate their needs and be able to deliver what they want before they even want it.

3. Ensure the insights are used to improve the customer experience

Done right, analytics generate actionable insights. But those actionable insights are only valuable if they are put to work to improve the customer experience. Make sure that all the relevant teams, including those in marketing, engineering, sales, and customer service, can access the insights you’re generating, and that they are using them as part of a comprehensive, coordinated strategy.

4. Track progress and iterate to drive business value 

Be sure to measure your progress as you go, and then iterate to drive even more business value. When you use your customer data effectively, you’ll be able to elevate the customer experience and optimize customer lifetime value (CLV), convert more new customers, and bolster compliance.

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