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Culture Change is Essential for Digital Transformation

digital transformation

For any organization, Digital transformation can’t be a standalone project. It’s a big cultural leap that demands fundamental shifts in people, processes and technologies. To be able to ride through the digital disruption, it’s important that all your employees are on board, and technologies and processes are aligned with the broader business goals. What really binds all of that together is an organizational culture that is adaptive, flexible and responds to changes fast.

In this article, Ranga Kadambi, Technology Innovation Center Head & VP Delivery, Ness, talks about why cultural and mindset shifts are essential for digital transformation to deliver its true value.

“Digitization transforms the way people work every day, and it is imperative that employees help advance this change. Company leadership must provide a vision around which employees can unite, while showing foresight and moving ahead with a confidence that takes the entire team along to embrace this new world order,” Ranga adds.

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