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Why Cultural Change is Crucial for Agile Transformation

Why Cultural Change is Crucial for Agile Transformation

Agile transformation entails real cultural change and goes far beyond deploying a new set of technologies and practices. Organizations that are truly drawing benefits from Agile have realized the need for making the cultural shifts that are essential in making software development teams and their enterprises ready for agile, before diving into the technology changes.  An understanding of the larger objectives and implications of agile on the different aspects of the business is a key determinant for success with new agile initiatives. In an article for ETCIO, Jithesh Radhakrishnan, Senior Program Director, Ness, sheds some light on the cultural changes that are crucial for agile transformation, and what organizations can do to embrace them.

“The real context of Agile implementation and how it will radically change an organization’s way of working beyond the software development process to impact different functions and people is a major differentiator in achieving success with these initiatives,” notes Jithesh.

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Jithesh Radhakrishnan Jithesh Radhakrishnan
Jithesh is a senior program director at Ness. He has over 18 years of experience in the IT industry where he has effectively designed, developed and led many complex IT projects. Jithesh holds deep experience in delivery leadership and client relationship management, working closely with clients across various geographies and industry verticals. And over the last few years, he has been managing multiple agile teams for enterprise product companies and is instrumental in enabling teams transition to agile.