Core Telematics Platform Development

Case Study

Core Telematics Platform Development

The Challenge

The customer is one of Europe’s largest fleet telematics service providers, providing connected solutions to businesses like fleet tracking and optimization, job workflow management, driver safety and behavior improvement.  Ness engaged with the customer to build Fleet Management platform which tracks over 150,000 vehicles and 60 million events each day. These events are transformed into insights for operations/fleet manager, HR professionals and company accountants.

The Solution

In partnership with our customer, Ness leveraged IoT, data, cloud capabilities coupled with our transportation domain expertise to deliver a modern telematics solution.

  • Core platform product line development (“Connect”) which includes delivery of front-end and back-end features along with experience design, architecture, and data analytics capabilities
  • Developed a field engineer application workflow
  • Developed a brand-new mobile application which is used by drivers to claim their mileage (available on Google Play and Apple App Store) and re-development of a core “Tax & Expense” application on the Connect Platform
  • Provided strategic advice and execution for integrations with OEM partners.

While performing core development activities, Ness also worked with the customer to improve their overall engineering maturity through:

  • QA automation ownership
  • Ness performed a DevOps assessment that addressed toolchain as well as cultural aspects of engineering paving the way towards continuous delivery.

The Results

  • Field engineer application workflow reduced install and commission time for on-board vehicle monitoring units from more than an hour to a few minutes.
  • Resulted in current 100% test coverage and 2x improvement in release cadence