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Content, Data and a new look at VDP (Video Distribution Platform)-Part-1

Martin Focazio, VP of Advisory Services at Ness Digital Engineering shares insights about how Media & Data make content, and at the end, how Ness’s Video Distribution Platform (VDP) is really a “Content Data Platform.”

In this video, Focazio explains that “media” is not the same as “content” – media is the words, images, photos, sounds, video and documents. Unlike physical media, which created its own context in the form of physical object, digital media’s context is derived from data — making media + data = content.

Focazio also discusses the path taken for digital media contexts — where digital media was once being stuffed through “glass screens & big boxes” a decade back, now it is being consumed with no glass (e.g. Amazon devices), near glass (IoT wearables), through glass (AR/VR), and, still, the “classic” on glass experience of TV screens.”

The most important thing to realize operational efficiency with Content in digital distribution is Data. It’s the data that is creating the context for the media and deciding on what media to show and what not to show. However, the data challenges of the digital distribution context are many, from origination to management to utilization of data.

This is where the Ness approach – as realized in our VDP – provides an important benefit. Taking a holistic “data workflow” model to video distribution, VDP makes all kinds of data and metadata work better for transforming media into content, creating flow through a virtual data path, enabling data decisioning, data hygiene and utilization that adapts to any media ingestion and playout platform. See how our Video Distribution Platform might be the best “content data platform” choice.

Watch the video: