Cloud Workforce Provider Takes Its Platform to New Heights

Case Study

Cloud Workforce Provider Takes Its Platform to New Heights

The Challenge

A leading cloud workforce provider for data processing needed to increase the performance and security of its platform to keep pace with demand. In response, the company chose to update the platform’s architecture and move it to Amazon cloud.

The Solution

The company partnered with Ness on the product architecture, design, and implementation aspects. Ness applied an Agile methodology to all international teams, which ultimately behaved like a single unit. A variety of AWS technologies were utilized, such as EC2 instances and Lambda functions, and the architecture was built around ActiveMQ messaging queue to lower the coupling between systems. As part of this solution, Ness established a testing strategy for both functional and non-functional requirements, implemented a UI automation framework, and provided guidelines on security risks and solutions.

The Results

The company achieved a 20–30% increase in the availability and responsiveness of the platform for its end-users. As product quality increased by detecting defects earlier, the company saved costs and realized a faster time to market. The optimized development process also enabled increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction.