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Closing the Gap Between Business & IT

Closing the Gap Between Business & IT

Ness Digital ServicesBusiness & IT often work as distinct functions, each having their own goals and priorities, but when the business and IT goals clash and are misaligned, organizational growth gets impacted negatively.  As organizations look at using technology as a strategic differentiator to transform themselves in an evolving and fast changing digital economy, what they cannot afford is their IT and business organizations acting as disparate entities that can’t see eye to eye and have a common vision to drive strategic organizational objectives. To ensure harmony, it’s important that IT solutions deliver value not just on the IT side, but also on the business side.

In a new article for InformationWeek, Paul Lombardo, Chief Executive Officer, Ness Digital Engineering, shares his thoughts on Business & IT alignment and how IT leaders can align their goals with the larger business objectives. “More now than ever, technology is central to a company’s ability to compete, so alignment of IT and strategic business objectives is crucial. Therefore, finding the alignment between what may seem like an IT priority and the wider business objectives is vital,” Paul noted.

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