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Changing Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for Marketers in a Digital Economy

Opportunities for Marketers in a Digital Economy

With the increasing use of technology in marketing, marketers’ roles have seen tremendous shifts. The mandate for marketing organizations is quite clear – how to do more with less? At the same time, it is increasingly important yet very often challenging for marketing and IT teams to collaborate and align their efforts around the larger business goals. How do marketing organizations tide over the changing market demands and offer more value in terms of enabling improved customer experience and digital transformation, while still ‘keeping the lights on’.

Amber Blaha, chief marketing officer, Ness Digital Engineering shares useful perspectives on the changing trends, challenges and opportunities for marketing organizations in a digital economy. “CMOs need to work far more closely with technology leaders in their organizations, such as with the Chief Digital Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Information Officer. These colleagues must collaborate to generate greater transparency into the customer journey,” notes Amber.

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