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Technology and GDPR: Is your platform ready?

In an article for ITProPortal, David Mackay, associate vice president of business development for Ness Digital Engineering, discusses the common challenges arising from GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) companies should consider when it comes to making their technology platforms GDPR compliant. These include accountability and compliance and data access. David adds that when it […]read more »

How to Ensure Your Organization Can Win With Agile

In an article for CMSWire, Jithesh Radhakrishnan, senior program director at Ness Digital Engineering, discusses the necessary traits organizations should consider in terms of understanding and implementing successful Agile transformation. These include diving deeper into the complexities of Agile implementation to outline the following key considerations and best practices: embracing change, realizing Agile embodies cultural […]read more »

How Do You Master Digital Customer Experience Leadership?

In a CMSWire article on mastering digital customer experience, Tim Burke, executive vice president of Ness Digital Engineering, explains the important role digital customer experience plays in business strategy, and why alignment between business and technology is crucial to evolve and enhance effective customer journeys. Tim describes how to assess your “digital readiness” from both a […]read more »

Amazon Fills a Big Data Hole with Athena

In an article for Datanami, Moshe Kranc, CTO at Ness Digital Engineering, discusses Amazon’s data query tool Athena, as well as instances when the tool may or may not be the best fit for big data cases. “At its core, Athena is a fusion of Hadoop Hive for the Data Description Language (DDL) and Facebook’s Presto […]read more »

In Digital Age, Corporate Learning Must Be Continuous

In an article for People Matters, Narayanan Nair, chief people officer at Ness Digital Engineering, discusses the transformational changes impacting corporate learning, and how L&D teams as well as employees can navigate the changes to thrive in a continuous learning environment. “The digital disruption has created the need for constant and seamless knowledge sharing. This […]read more »

Transforming the Business Travel Experience through AI and Machine Learning

In an article Q&A for Virtual-Strategy, Mark Lister, chief digital officer at Ness Digital Engineering, discusses how business travel is being impacted by such technological innovations as AI, machine learning, personalization and chatbots. “Because business travel is much more frequent and predictable than leisure travel, there’s a lot more structured data and potential for finding insightful […]read more »

The Future of Shopping

In an article for Retail Merchandiser, Moshe Kranc, CTO at Ness Digital Engineering, discusses what Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods means for both the future of retail and digital transformation of the grocery sector. “It’s easy to understand Amazon’s interest in the grocery shopping segment as the next area for growth after having conquered online […]read more »

Designing Insightful Dashboards for Decision Making

In an article for TechZone360 (TMCNet), Anton Baturan, director of user experience (UX) design at Ness Digital Engineering, discusses three key areas organizations should examine when developing dashboards: purpose, defining its value, and examining the role design plays in this process. “Businesses sometimes don’t understand that defining the purpose of the dashboard in concrete terms is […]read more »

Building a Learning Culture is Crucial to Thrive in The Digital Economy

In an article for Deccan Herald, Narayanan Nair, chief people officer at Ness Digital Engineering, shares some valuable insights on the importance of continuous employee learning in building an innovation centric organization culture. “Learning needs to be experiential and involve mediums that engage individuals in the learning process. Being part of an organization that fosters […]read more »

AI Won’t Go Anywhere Unless It Has Empathy

In an article for VentureBeat, Pumulo Sikaneta, vice president of business process management (BPM) at Ness Digital Engineering, addresses ethical challenges surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and the importance of implementing human elements such as empathy into the technology to better fit with societal norms. “AI’s ethical challenges are comparable to those faced by humans. That’s why […]read more »