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Spurring the DevOps Adoption Journey

In a new article for, Amit Gupta, leader of Ness Digital Engineering’s DevOps practice, describes four different aspects an organization should consider before beginning the DevOps adoption journey, adding the crafting of a charter encompassing these elements ensures an organization’s smoother transition into DevOps. “The fundamental principles of DevOps are to reduce barriers between Development […]read more »

An Easy Fix for the Airline Overbooking Problem

In a new article for VentureBeat, Moshe Kranc, CTO of Ness Digital Engineering, explains how the controversial airline practice of involuntary passenger bumping is actually a data problem that can be solved easily through improvements in both data analytics and data transparency, including establishing a transparent marketplace where passengers are happy to leave an airplane […]read more »

Considerations for Marketers in the Digital Economy

In a new Q&A with Paul Writer, Amber Blaha, Chief Marketing Officer, Ness Digital Engineering, shares her thoughts on the changing trends, challenges and opportunities for marketing organizations in a digital economy.  Regarding the role of the CMO in driving digital transformation, she notes, “The role of a CMO remains focused on helping companies drive business. […]read more »

Corporate Learning Takes a Massive Leap

In an article with the Education Post, Jyothi Gurumurthachari, Senior Manager, Ness Academy, shares useful insights about the transforming landscape for corporate learning and development, and what the future of learning will be like. “There is a big challenge facing organizations to adopt to a new mindset which advocates the importance of continued talent development […]read more »

Thank You for not Adopting Microservices

In a new article for SD Times, Moshe Kranc, CTO of Ness Digital Engineering, describes the challenges that arise for organizations when adopting microservices, as well as developmental practices companies must feel comfortable with beforehand. “As CTO of Ness Digital Engineering, I frequently meet customers who want to implement a microservices architecture, so they can […]read more »

How to Cope with Open Source Data in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In a new Q&A with Data Economy, Moshe Kranc, CTO of Ness Digital Engineering discusses how open source data impacts both small and large companies, and what the future holds for artificial intelligence. Moshe adds interesting insights on how “Some companies are aggressively safeguarding their data, while others are taking a contrarian position, by releasing […]read more »

IT and Business: In Search of the Golden Mean

In a new wide-ranging article with TMCnet, Ness’s Chief Technology Officer Moshe Kranc discusses finding the harmonious middle, or the ‘Golden Mean’ between business and IT, and emphasizes the importance of balancing both in your corporation. He says, “Digital transformation demands a more balanced relationship, where the business side innovates with new revenue-generating applications at […]read more »

Chief People Officers Take Up the Digital Transformation Baton

In an article for the Deccan Herald, Narayanan Nair, Ness’s Chief People Officer, highlights the increasingly important role chief people officers are playing in driving the enterprise digital transformation agenda.  “Fostering a people-centric and innovation-driven work culture would be a high priority for all enterprises and a key responsibility for HR leaders,” he writes. read […]read more »