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When Blockchain Doesn’t Fit

Here’s an insightful article for The Enterprisers Project, where Moshe Kranc, Chief Technology Officer at Ness Digital Engineering, delineates about Blockchain, which enjoys almost as much as hype as the bitcoin. In this article Moshe discusses that with blockchain technology being the topic of considerable interest in recent days, businesses should consider these 3 key […]read more »

Never-ending Transformation As An Opportunity

Article was originally published in Euro 26-27, Mlada fronta, Czech Republic. Interview with Petr Mýtina from Ness Digital Engineering on how businesses must change if they want to succeed. › What is your perspective on digitalization today? The digitalization that took place in the second half of the last century was quite straightforward. Clock hands […]read more »

Machine Learning Workflow: A New Product Category Is Born

Machine learning is being touted as the solution to problems in every phase of the software product lifecycle. However, like every solution, it comes with challenges. In an article contributed to InformationWeek, Ness CTO Moshe Kranc outlines the phases and challenges of the ML workflow and introduces us to a new category of products that […]read more »

Raising an Army of Full Stack Developers

Anand Subramanian, Senior Vice President, has authored a column for media outlet, Software Magazine, titled, “Raising an Army of Full Stack Developer.” The article shares his perspective on the growing demand for the full stack developer and how organizations can evolve this highly sought-after group of engineers internally by adopting the right culture and organizational framework.” However, […]read more »

Time to Be Bullish on Progressive Web Apps

Here’s an exclusive article for CMSWire, where Daniel Masarik, Development Lead at Ness Digital Engineering, delineates what Progressive Web Apps are and why they’re the next big thing. It has been a topic of considerable interest recently, since it uses modern web capabilities to behave more like an app. Daniel also reveals some interesting features […]read more »

Is a Faster Web on the Horizon With WebAssembly?

In a new article for CMSWire, Daniel Masarik, development lead at Ness Digital Engineering, discusses the advantages of using the new, portable binary format WebAssembly. Resembling an assembly language for the web, this tool is being designed as an open standard by a W3C community group that includes representatives from tech giants Mozilla, Microsoft, Google […]read more »

8 Tips For Conducting Customer Experience Audits

Speaking to CMS Wire, Tim Burke, executive vice president and GM at Ness Digital Engineering, shares tips on how to conduct an effective customer experience audit. The first step is to look at the customer churn and then approach the problem from both, the technology and business perspectives. It is important to recognize that the […]read more »

How To Crack A Data Science In-Person Panel Interview?

In conversation with Analytics India Magazine, Moshe Kranc, CTO at Ness Digital Engineering, gives advice on how to succeed in an interview for a data science position. With the rapid rate at which technology is advancing, even new graduates who have studied Big Data may not possess knowledge of everything included in job descriptions. Having […]read more »

Video: Extreme Personalization – The Digital Transformation of the Enterprise

Watch this SBI TV interview with Ness Chief Digital Officer to hear a new world view around the emerging digital experience trends. Digital Transformation is not new and the trend to enhance a company’s digital experience has been evolving across industries for many years and is, inherently, an iterative process. The progress that your company […]read more »

Data Ingestion Best Practices

In a new article for CMSWire, Moshe Kranc, chief technology officer for Ness Digital Engineering, discusses data ingestion best practices to consider – i.e. preparing data for analysis – from a transform (cleansing and normalizing data) perspective. These include expecting difficulties and planning accordingly, automating data ingestion, using artificial intelligence (AI), making data ingestion self-service, […]read more »
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