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Building Products & Platforms: System of Systems

Building Products and Platforms mandates a multi-faceted thinking that spans across all the technology layers of an organization as shown in the figure below: The five dimensions enumerated below are the critical drivers that have a profound influence on the quality and organizational utility of the end products/platforms. As one can imagine, these are necessary […]read more »

Living in Today’s Digital Economy

Let’s take a moment from our fast paced lives to consider the digital world in which we live. Most people won’t go more than half an hour after they’ve rubbed the sleep from their eyes to look at a mobile, tablet or PC. Whether that’s to read email, scan the news, catch up on texts […]read more »

The Web Summit – Where the Tech World Meets

The Web Summit has been heralded as  “Davos for Geeks” by Bloomberg and The Guardian confirmed, “It defines the eco-system”. So naturally we are looking forward to getting amongst it. With the excitement building for this huge tech gathering, held in Dublin (4-6th November), I wanted to explore what I think is so great about this relatively […]read more »

Data Analytics in a Thriving Digital Economy

Data was around us all the time but today we are beginning to consume data and derive meaning out of it. This meaningful data – information, is enabling us to improve our quality of life in so many ways. There are a number of enablers that have accelerated our awareness of data. These enablers have […]read more »

Important factors to consider when delivering a modern mobile app

Here are 5 interesting facts that you probably didn’t know: 38% of 2 year olds are using mobile devices The television took 13 years to reach 50 million users but it took Angry birds only 35 days to attain the same audience. The iPhone 5S is 40 x faster than the original iPhone. From the […]read more »

Putting your Customers and Mobile First

In the fast paced technology landscape, with ever-changing devices and bright shiny object syndrome, it’s easy to lose sight of the overall objective. How does a company innovate, stand out, and fulfil the desires of their customers while remaining on-brand and maximising ROI?  In the mobile era, where a smartphone is never out of arm’s […]read more »

Embracing the digital world

While the western hemisphere breathlessly awaited the launch of the iPhone 6 and Apple’s Watch, Google quietly released the Android One in India, in a purported move to bring Android phones to the budgeted class. The goal of the Android One phones is to provide everyone with “high quality” phones at a low cost. According […]read more »