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Transformations in Platform Modernization

Consumers today are driving the application revolution across all markets and in all the verticals. The consumerization of products has brought the consumer to the center stage. Consumer needs are changing the way that organizations are to look at these needs and align their products and services that meet these needs. We are not talking about […]read more »

It’s all about the touch for this Lollipop

With a quiet and unassuming blogpost, Google announced that it had rolled out the latest version of Android – Lollipop on November 3rd and quickly sent the internet into a frenzy. The edition comes a little less than a year after the company introduced Android 4.4, called KitKat. Light and shadows One of the main […]read more »

The Show Continues with themes in Disruption & Transition

Day two of the Web Summit and the labyrinth of stalls and stages have become easier to navigate.  The event layout means there is a considerable amount of walking so today we focused on specific areas and talked to the enthusiastic entrepreneurs who line the halls. All the start-ups are categorized in terms of their […]read more »

Web Summit Day One

Day one of the Web Summit was impressive and overwhelming at times. The show has attracted more than 22,000 professionals ranging from eager Start Ups, that are constantly pitching their concepts on mini stages around the arena, to a varied line up of speakers that are broken down into 6 key areas: Centre Stage, Marketing, […]read more »

Technology Trends & New Start Ups

There is so much to see at the Web Summit it is hard to know where to start. The various streams bring the best of technology and innovation to the forefront of discussions. The show will educate the industry with the latest and greatest in business strategy, performance and evolving platforms from heavy weight companies […]read more »

What is Product Design?

We recently took part in the Product Design series run by AIGA and hosted by Zendesk in their office in the Tenderloin region of San Francisco. The subject of product design and even its name can be contentious due to ever evolving definitions and a flux in design skills, capabilities, toolsets and requirements along with […]read more »

Cardless cash withdrawals gain momentum in Israel

As Ness footprint covers so many different geographies, I thought it would be cool to share how technology changes the way we interact and do business in different locations. The world’s on a digital upswing. Something which seemed incredible years ago is today not just a reality, but re-shaping the way we do transactions. I’m […]read more »

How payment experience will deliver a global ambition, Apple Pay, Facebook and the rest

Apple Pay’s seamless experience Apple Released iOS 8.1 bringing Apple Pay to the masses. I tried using it today, avoiding Mc Donalds and heading to Walgreens for some shower gel instead. All ran as expected, I used the touch ID, tapped the checkout pad and that was that. Paid. It was an exceptional experience, nailed […]read more »

Building Products & Platforms: System of Systems

Building Products and Platforms mandates a multi-faceted thinking that spans across all the technology layers of an organization as shown in the figure below: The five dimensions enumerated below are the critical drivers that have a profound influence on the quality and organizational utility of the end products/platforms. As one can imagine, these are necessary […]read more »

Living in Today’s Digital Economy

Let’s take a moment from our fast paced lives to consider the digital world in which we live. Most people won’t go more than half an hour after they’ve rubbed the sleep from their eyes to look at a mobile, tablet or PC. Whether that’s to read email, scan the news, catch up on texts […]read more »
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