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Are you wearing your Scarf?

Almost 90 to 95% EDCs we have at Ness follow agile principles. We can sense that Agile principles emphasise more on “People” (I find that atleast 6 out of 12 Agile principles are related to “People”). Here, “People” comprise EDC Team(s), customer’s engineering, management members and executives. EDCs have people from different backgrounds & culture, […]read more »

UX in ecommerce and inside the enterprise

When I search the web these days I frequently do so on a mobile device. Did you notice how Google has started reassuring you that the page you are about to visit is Mobile-friendly? I don’t have precious seconds to waste on sites that aren’t mobile friendly, so companies and brands that do are acknowledging […]read more »

Smarter Digital Marketing

Today a company’s brand lives in a viral world of videos, social media and a variety of digital channels. Consumers have moved from seeking buying advice directly from friends, family and word of mouth to these avenues. Not so long ago most CMOs changed their marketing from print and television to include such things as […]read more »
omnichannel strategies

The Future Is Now

The digital economy is not a place, thing or destination. It’s a way of conducting business that’s largely virtual and electronic. It’s e-commerce, federated access to an ecosystem of sites, sensors in cars detecting maintenance issues, or wearable technologies to improve health. In the midst of this year’s holiday shopping season, it’s continuing growth of […]read more »

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – A tale of opening up of the minds and the API’s

Most digitally savvy companies are now sharing their API’s and allowing the world in. This has led to unprecedented growth in their customer outreach besides immensely bolstering their capability to open up new channels of businesses. But this ‘Allowing the World In’ has both leadership and technological imperatives attached to it. The ‘Digital Continua’ we […]read more »

Digital Transformation Discussion

Next week I will be moderating a webinar on the topic of digital transformation. This is not your traditional death by PowerPoint webinar. We will start off with a quick round of introduction and then dive into what promises to be a lively and contentious debate. And we will take questions from the audience, unaltered. […]read more »

Wearables – will it be a necessity soon?

Although termed as ‘disruptive’, I feel new technologies are not disrupting, but actually enriching our lives, helping us stake claim in this digital economy. Let’s take wearables for example. As the trend compels us to be ‘always on and connected’, I foresee a great amount of inventions in wearables. Just imagine few years ago who […]read more »

The evolution of Product Engineering

We live in a world where ‘product engineering’ holds sway over much of our lives. But it’s not a recent phenomenon. Early adoption was years ago and primarily by large engineering companies like Sun Microsystems, Motorola, Texus Instruments etc. I remember them setting up offshore centres in Bangalore and Hyderabad to leverage the capability and […]read more »

Skype for Web

It’s like you’re sitting at a computer that doesn’t already have Skype downloaded. Maybe you’re on the go and using an Internet cafe or hotel computer where you can’t download Skype at all. Using Skype for Web makes it more convenient to get to your conversations. Users can simply sign in on From there, […]read more »

5 Critical Business Strategies in the Digital Economy

The digital economy is here and there is no turning back. Here are five considerations while plotting your digital transformation. It’s not about the technology- it’s about the business. Today’s most disruptive businesses are not technology companies. They are travel, transportation, hospitality, food service, and financial service or entertainment companies first and foremost. Technology is […]read more »
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