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Too much of a Good Thing?

The Digital Economy is all about disintermediation, connecting businesses to customers, consumers to consumers, people to people and is generally seen as a ‘Good Thing’. But what about the impact on our privacy and ability to live our own lives? I’ve recently started reading around the topic of identity, identity on the web, commerce on […]read more »
Collect, Compute, Connect, Communicate, Consolidate, Concieve

Does Every’thing’ matter in the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The world of ‘Things’ networking with each other is upon us. We are seeing an unprecedented growth in ‘Things’ that are getting ‘smarter’ by providing us, humans, with decisions that we can act upon or delegate the action to the ‘Thing’ to perform. This is huge! Just think of this, we do not need human […]read more »

TestFairy – a mobile pilot beta testing and deployment platform for Android

Testing apps and getting feedback from users has never been easy in mobile development. So what service will make testing Android apps easier? I’ve compiled a set of available frameworks and features for Android application beta testing and will give highlights on my pick: TestFairy. How TestFairy Works? TestFairy follows simple steps while distributing the […]read more »
banking improve personalization strategy

How can Bitcoin technology disrupt traditional banking?

In a Digital Economy where innovations and disruptions are the order of the day, the mighty banking sector is gradually feeling the heat, with lots of changes taking place behind the hood of traditional banking. One of these changes is “peer-to-peer” banking that obsoletes the traditional role of the bank to act as a mediator […]read more »

Data Mining Best Practices

In this digital economy, it is essential for organizations to successfully exploit the insights derived from their data mining activities in order to maintain a sustained competitive advantage. Data Mining projects can turn out to be pretty complicated and there are several notions that need to be in place to minimize chances of failure. Some […]read more »

Moving ahead in the Digital Economy

Last year’s been a time where we at Ness reinforced our focus back on product engineering. It’s been a time where we embraced the digital world by integrating Digital Experience and our Product Engineering capabilities. Thus now we boast a unified Experience Engineering framework. The Digital Economy is holding sway over much of our lives […]read more »

Experience Engineering with Things

Back in 2011, Geoffrey Moore coined the term Systems of Engagement (SoE) as he wished to distinguish a new class of IT systems from the traditional systems of records used in organizations. The idea emerged from the evolution of the Enterprise IT context to embrace a new class of applications where retention of data is […]read more »

Empowering Innovations within Enterprise Mobility

In a world of fast moving and disruptive technologies, the opportunity to innovate is richest with enterprise mobility. While we all know the overwhelming effect mobility has had on lives of earthly things, challenges with mobile transformations have always piggy backed on the mobility led innovations, and go a long way in creating a sustainable […]read more »

Functional Programming in Scala

We are fully immersed in the digital economy. The passage of time in the digital economy is far faster than anyone could have ever imagined. This alternative rate of time means decisions on software platforms, tools, languages, and methodologies are very critical. Anything that can facilitate faster time to market, platform resilience, and universal expressiveness […]read more »

Managing EDCs in the Digital Economy

We all know that the Digital world is not only more demanding, but also faces volatile market conditions. In order to survive in such a climate, organizations like Ness are building their strategies focused on changes demonstrated by Customers and Competition.  And these strategies are carried out by Extended Development Centers spread across the world. […]read more »