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Nessian on the job

Nessian on the Job – Edition 10

Through our On the Job series, we introduce some of the men and women who play a pivotal role in the success story charted by Ness. In this edition, Bhushan Pargaonkar describes his role as an architect at Ness, his learning experiences and why he enjoys working at the company. Name & Title: Bhushan Pargaonkar, Architect […]read more »
Alfresco Day

‘Intelligent Platforms’ a Central Theme at this Year’s Alfresco Day London

Ness was a Gold Sponsor of the recent Alfresco Day London event where Alfresco leadership, its customers, partners and members of its eco-system got together to talk about the future of content in a digital world. There were over 200 delegates from over 20 countries, and it seemed to dovetail nicely with announcements from the […]read more »
Business & IT alignment

Closing the Gap Between Business & IT

Business & IT often work as distinct functions, each having their own goals and priorities, but when the business and IT goals clash and are misaligned, organizational growth gets impacted negatively.  As organizations look at using technology as a strategic differentiator to transform themselves in an evolving and fast changing digital economy, what they cannot […]read more »
Bimodal IT or Multimodal IT

Bimodal IT or Multimodal IT: Challenges of Every Innovative Organization

Bimodal IT is a term coined by Gartner as digital systems started evolving in 2012. Bimodal is a practice whereby organizations manage two separate modes of IT operations, ideally within a coherent work culture. One mode focuses on stability and operational efficiencies, while the other drives agility and innovation. The very thought of bimodal IT […]read more »
Wealth management

Gearing Up for the Next Generation of Investors – Wealth Management

The wealth management industry is undergoing major transformations with the emergence of digital savvy millennials on the investment scene. This new generation of customers expect more value for the fee they pay, and want more control with real-time, personalized and instant access to information about their wealth, as well as predictive recommendations for the future. […]read more »
digital world

How Digital Worlds Are Colliding – to Our Benefit

We have reached a point where technology is demonstrably starting to fulfill its original intent to make our lives easier. There are countless examples of this today, many delivered through mobile platforms. The next phase demands that technology is applied to make everything even smarter, with early examples of this being smart vehicles, smart homes, […]read more »
banking improve personalization strategy

How Banking Institutions Can Improve Personalization for Their Customers

Issuers and banking institutions have access to large amounts of customer data. This includes data on payment habits, investment activities, purchases and so on. And irrespective of how customers chose to interact with different brands – they expect uniform and personalized customer experiences. While retail and hospitality industries are constantly pushing the envelope to improve […]read more »
Data Protection

Common Challenges in Making Technology Platforms GDPR Compliant

GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) will come into force worldwide on May 25, 2018 and will bring along heightened obligations over and above the EU country-level legislation. While there is a lot of focus around ensuring and facilitating process compliance by organizations, the impact of GDPR on technology platforms holding data is worth paying […]read more »

Internet of Things: An Innovation Enabler

Internet of Things is one of the most disruptive new technologies that has the potential to transform businesses and human lives. While a clear majority of use cases for IoT have been around its ability to drive operational improvements, is it time to think about the next level and how it can be used to […]read more »

Business and Technology Collaboration is Crucial for Great Customer Experience

Customer experience has always been fundamental to business, but with digital revolution creating new demands for enterprises, there is a renewed thrust on enhancing customer experiences across the numerous customer interaction channels and touch points. This requires adoption of new operating models that drive better collaboration and help break down functional silos to enable greater […]read more »