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Nessian on the Job –Santhoshi Gunukula

Through our On the Job Series, we introduce some of the mesmerizing talents who play a pivotal role in the success story charted by Ness. In this edition, Santhoshi Gunukula describes her role as a Senior Software Engineer, the learning experiences, and the life and work culture at Ness along with few fun facts. Name […]read more »

Predictive Maintenance-as-a-Service

Ness held a private Dinner Event on May 16th in Stuttgart, Germany, the heart of the “German Mittelstand” – the powerhouse of medium-sized, mainly family-run businesses that are extremely successful in their niche markets, and the engine behind the German exporting machine. The topic for discussion was “Predictive Maintenance-as-a-Service” which opened up discussions on common […]read more »
maximize value of your data

Ness Panel Session: Maximizing Revenue by Unleashing the Latent Value of Your Data

I recently chaired two panel sessions on a hot topic that cuts across all industries and sectors: the core role that data plays in creating the seamless digital experience consumers demand. Whether it’s analytic insights, machine learning engines that can chat with users or a personalized online experience for consumers – it all starts with […]read more »
e built a dummy Facebook app and asked our company’s employees to install it. When we checked our database, we were amazed to discover that Facebook had given us good personalization information

Controlling the Power of Social Media Data

Nearly 10 years ago, I ran research and development for Data Persona, a startup that provided personalization as a service for media web sites, using customer data obtained from several sources including social media. To test the product, we built a dummy Facebook app and asked our company’s employees to install it. When we checked […]read more »

Will Water Companies always supply and treat Water?

Will Water Companies always supply and treat Water? Will they evolve to do more than this? Or will other companies enter their market? With the inexorable transition to more people living in large cities and conurbations, there will need to be an accompanying high concentration of basic utility infrastructure, including water, gas, electricity, broadband and […]read more »

Web Application Security Scanners

The more popular your web site or application, the more hackers there are out there who are keen to hack it. To protect your site, you’ll need to perform security testing. This article will describe the two leading approaches to testing web security: application security scanners, which perform black box testing, and source security scanners, […]read more »

What we know we don’t know about blockchains

Bitcoin is already a household name. The blockchain, the data structure plus protocol that lies under Bitcoin and many other novel applications, gets mentioned in almost every list of hot technologies [1]. For every writing that extols the potential of blockchains, another pops up dismissing blockchain-based solutions as inferior [2]. Both extremes are of course […]read more »

A Balanced Approach to Digital Platform Engineering

While Ness focuses primarily on product & platform engineering using its user-centric Ness Connected approach, it is very aware of how pure Research & Development encourages smart people to explore the art of the possible. This blog explores a balanced approach to digital platform engineering. A quick story: In the late 50s researchers at three […]read more »

Nessian on the Job – Subrata Bora

Through our On the Job series, we introduce some of the men and women who play a pivotal role in the success story charted by Ness. In this edition, Subrata Bora describes his role as a pre-sales consultant at Ness, his learning experiences and why he enjoys working at the company. Name & Title: Subrata Bora, Manager […]read more »

Accelerating the Uptake of Electric Vehicles

A lot has been written on the subject of extending the range of Electric Vehicles. Battery technologies are becoming more energy dense and able to charge faster; electric motors and powertrain technologies are becoming more efficient. While these improvements will go some way towards addressing the distance challenge, consumers are still waiting to see a […]read more »
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