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Nessian on the Job – Shakti Sahay

My journey so far in Ness: I believe that a good company keeps its customers happy and a great company is the one which keeps its employees happy. Being a part of the Ness family, my work as a bid-manager requires end-to-end delivery of the bid/RFx response by coordinating with various stakeholders vis-à-vis solutioning, delivery, […]read more »

Another Successful Ness City Triathlon in Košice

The result of commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. It’s another remarkable event at the Košice Center. On June 30th, 2018, Saturday, the 3rd edition of the Ness City Triathlon event took place in the heart of the European city of sport. Looking back at the high-quality Slovak triathlon, it was a successful […]read more »

Internet of Things – A Real World Business Problem Solver

I recently attended the 7th edition of the India IoT Symposium 2018 event in Mumbai, India, which covered a myriad of Internet of Things (IoT) applications in the Manufacturing, Industrial, Agriculture, Aviation, Real Estate, and Healthcare arenas. The event captured the interests of the top IoT solution providers in the market, namely Thingworx, IOTany, PTC, […]read more »

Immersive Technologies: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will Redefine Marketing Experiences

Today, every facet of our lives is governed by technology. With our increasing reliance on smartphones, we consistently have technology at our fingertips through all our waking moments, from ordering groceries, to booking a cab and managing our finances. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will redefine marketing experiences. Smartphone ubiquity has instigated further […]read more »

A New Era of Full Stack Developers

There is no doubt that the world of software development has seen significant changes over the years. The erstwhile siloed teams of development, quality, operations, and support have slowly started to merge. Quality is now part of development and there is a slow, but definite demand for full stack developers who can perform quality checks. […]read more »

Exploratory Testing

What is Exploratory Testing Exploratory Testing is a process of investigating an application by learning and understanding its uses, features and operations in a series of logically constructed but ad hoc tests. The term ‘Exploratory Testing’ was first coined by Cem Kaner, Phd. Why is Exploratory Testing required? Scripted testing follows a structural approach and […]read more »

Nessian on the Job –Santhoshi Gunukula

Through our On the Job Series, we introduce some of the mesmerizing talents who play a pivotal role in the success story charted by Ness. In this edition, Santhoshi Gunukula describes her role as a Senior Software Engineer, the learning experiences, and the life and work culture at Ness along with few fun facts. Name […]read more »

Predictive Maintenance-as-a-Service

Ness held a private Dinner Event on May 16th in Stuttgart, Germany, the heart of the “German Mittelstand” – the powerhouse of medium-sized, mainly family-run businesses that are extremely successful in their niche markets, and the engine behind the German exporting machine. The topic for discussion was “Predictive Maintenance-as-a-Service” which opened up discussions on common […]read more »
maximize value of your data

Ness Panel Session: Maximizing Revenue by Unleashing the Latent Value of Your Data

I recently chaired two panel sessions on a hot topic that cuts across all industries and sectors: the core role that data plays in creating the seamless digital experience consumers demand. Whether it’s analytic insights, machine learning engines that can chat with users or a personalized online experience for consumers – it all starts with […]read more »
e built a dummy Facebook app and asked our company’s employees to install it. When we checked our database, we were amazed to discover that Facebook had given us good personalization information

Controlling the Power of Social Media Data

Nearly 10 years ago, I ran research and development for Data Persona, a startup that provided personalization as a service for media web sites, using customer data obtained from several sources including social media. To test the product, we built a dummy Facebook app and asked our company’s employees to install it. When we checked […]read more »
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