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Ness Named a Best Company to Work For by CEO Insights


Ness, a global provider of Digital Transformation solutions and a portfolio company of The Rohatyn Group (TRG), is honored to announce it earned top marks as one of the Best Companies to Work For in 2021 by CEO Insights. Under the leadership of Ranjit Tinaikar, CEO and Narayanan Nair, CPO, Ness is feeding innovation and providing amazing growth opportunities to their employees.

Tinaikar states, “Ness’s employees are driven by the impact digital transformation can have on the world. Our company provides them the opportunity to work with technology that excites and inspires them. We nurture their passion through a culture of innovation and empowerment that makes Ness a company people love to work for. This extends beyond the engineering teams, as we have set up channels that invite all employees to contribute their ideas regardless of title or specialty. In turn, employees can see their vision become a reality in the form of truly innovative final products and services that clients value. Ness and the employees that power us are impacting the future of business in the digital economy.”

Providing Growth Opportunities

The key factor differentiating Ness is the equal opportunity values provided to individuals, and the culture that enhances work-life balance with a very strategic approach such as flexible work timing and several innovative employee engagements, and recreational activities. This sets the stage to welcome great ideas and contributions from everyone within the organization.

Promoting Education

Under strong leadership comes a carefully built foundation of technology engagement and innovation programs, including hackathons and think-tank gatherings, to provide fun, social events for employees to show off their engineering prowess and learn from colleagues and mentors. Ness employees are provided with a plethora of training modules and continued education courses to keep them updated on the unfolding technologies and able to expand their education whenever they please.

Embracing Diversity

Ness takes pride in embracing diversity and its multicultural composition. Nair shares, “The diversity is not just limited to the gender aspect. One of the things that I am extremely proud of is how multicultural and diverse we are. We have employees across North America, Europe, and India., All our policies, procedures, learning initiatives, rewards & recognition systems, and benefit plans are decentralized – made relevant for employees in the respective region.”

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