Working at Ness offers many different ways for colleagues to expand and advance their careers.

Career development is a regular extension of how we work at Ness. Because Ness helps clients create highly-innovative solutions, our engineers are constantly evaluating and working with a wide variety of the latest technologies. We also facilitate career development through specific programs at Ness. For example, Ness Academy provides access to many skills development options across the company.

Ness Academy

Ness Academy facilitates a variety of learning opportunities across Ness, including in-person training sessions, access to online and other professional training courses, and opportunities for employees to gain technical certifications & higher education.


We also encourage knowledge sharing globally among our teams, so Ness employees learn new approaches from each other with the benefit of engaging with colleagues from around the world. We encourage activities such as hackathons and innovation fairs, and employees can channel their entrepreneurial ideas though Ness Connected Labs, our incubation centers for testing new ideas and proofs of concept. The Ness Chief Technology Office Associates Program offers another channel for career growth. Engineers apply to become part of this global group that develops Ness thought leadership internally and externally and solves complex problems posed by clients in areas of the client’s organization beyond where Ness is engaged.

“Ness’s work culture is friendly and inspiring. There is a huge focus on continuous learning and employee development that focuses on providing a learning curve that is beyond the regular line of work.”

Prachi Dalvi, Software Engineer

Of course, Ness also offers formal career development programs as part of our day-to-day work. There are regular opportunities to discuss skills development and advancement within teams. Ness creates an environment that enables frequent client interaction, so Nessians can understand first-hand the business value they are bringing to clients. And, we offer opportunities to move to new roles within Ness, including roles in new locations, so our employees can gain wider experience and responsibilities and expand their knowledge and accomplishments.

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