Advisory, Strategy, and Roadmapping

We take a systematic approach to helping our customers achieve their objectives and desired business outcomes.

Advisory Services

Ness takes a systematic approach to aligning your organization's objectives to desired business outcomes. We do this by assessing your business from every angle - from competitive landscape and business challenges to identifying opportunities for improvement to run not just IT, but every part of your organization as a business. This 360- degree lens focuses on examining core dimensions:

  • Structure: ensuring maximum productivity
  • Processes: automating end-to-end service delivery
  • Technology: leveraging leading, digital platforms
  • Talent: attracting and retaining a modern workforce
  • Metrics: enabling accurate and real-time measures
  • Culture: instilling shared values and vision

Power of the Platform

Embark on your journey to the modern enterprise through an interactive workshop led by our Subject Matter Experts. We'll discuss how to best prepare and execute your journey to digital transformation success with the ServiceNow platform. This workshop is geared to get you thinking differently and prepare for your journey to modernization. We’ll cover:

  • Defining the ServiceNow platform & the value add of ServiceNow
  • Typical pitfalls – people, process, platform
  • Modernizing for the digital age and envisioning the end state
  • How organizations are solving operations with ServiceNow
  • How organizations are igniting innovation with ServiceNow
  • How does ServiceNow apply to your organization
  • Defining the roadmap, garnering buy-in and securing budget for expansion
  • Growth strategies and kicking your roadmap into gear

Health of the Platform

It's no secret that current services environments face challenges and problems every day, but are rarely addressed or never even identified. Instead of being proactive, there is a constant battle to just 'keep the lights on.' To eliminate challenges and problems, we examine the entire landscape. Take the time today to assess and learn your current state to better improve for tomorrow. Our team takes a holistic approach to:

  • Improve Health: We look at key areas that are neglected to see how they can be improved; from HR, to IT, and beyond!
  • Establish Vision and Strategy: Through our services and workshops, we can drive immediate value and create a vision and strategy.
  • Achieve Value: Let's take action together through a tactical approach to identify the problems and deliver a solution that will remediate your challenges

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Ness likes to work collaboratively with its customers, so please ask us questions if you would like to learn more about our services. We look forward to answering them.
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