IT Transformation

As the 2019 ServiceNow Americas IT Workflow Partner of the Year, we can help you transform your business by leveraging the power of the Now Platform.

IT Service Management

Service Management today is about thinking differently and pushing the boundaries to deliver everything as a service. This concept and mindset starts with IT. Ness will show you how to leverage the Now Platform to go beyond the basics and take you on the journey to modernization for your entire enterprise. It’s time for IT to empower employees by delivering five-star service.

IT Operations Management

In order to be successful, IT must modernize and move from a reactive state to a proactive one. This involves gaining visibility into your infrastructure and applications, optimizing your cloud spend, and maintaining overall service health. Ness can help you mature your service operations by leveraging Discovery, Service Mapping, Event Management, Cloud Management, and Orchestration.

IT Business Management

Having visibility into the true costs of services and investments in an enterprise can be challenging. In today's highly competitive environment, being able to have broad visibility into costs is vital to focusing more budget and resources on innovation. Ness can help you gain financial visibility, align the portfolio to the business, and accelerate delivery. We help our customers push their dollar farther by better managing demand, balancing resources, performing budget planning, and mapping costs to technical and business services.

IT Asset Management

Do you know your IT assets inside out – what you have, where they are, usage entitlements, who uses them, how they are used, how they are configured, what they cost, and the value they deliver to the business? The reality is that many organizations cannot fully answer these questions, which results in significant unnecessary spending. Ness can help you establish a sound Asset Management program can not only save you costs, but generate value to your business. We’ll help you provide better visibility by making informed asset decisions, reduce costs by eliminating waste, and mitigate risks by being audit-ready.


Let the experts at Ness help you speed up software development and deployment by reducing time spent on administrative tasks. We can help you scale DevOps initiatives by adding connectivity and insight to scale and meet your transformation goals, and develop and deploy at speed while reducing risk.

Security Operations

Security teams today are inundated with alerts and information from a growing number of siloed point solutions. In parallel, attacks via both known and unknown vulnerabilities continuously target critical business services, IT infrastructure, and users. These incidents and vulnerabilities lack business context, making it difficult to know which ones pose the greatest threat to the organization. Ness can help you connect security and IT teams, respond faster and more efficiently to threats, and get a definitive view of their security posture.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

To remain compliant, you must define what Governance, Risk, and Compliance means for your organization, and your processes must accurately account for risk. Ness can help you enable strategic thinking by defining a holistic governance program that incorporates external standards, frameworks and regulations that your processes can adhere to, anytime, anywhere.

Performance Analytics

What if you had the power of your data in your hands anytime, anywhere? ServiceNow’s structured data repository not only enables detailed reporting, but also leading indicators and predictive analytics that can be used proactively to run the business. Ness can help you empower users with accurate data needed to drive service delivery quality and efficiency throughout the enterprise.

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2019 ServiceNow Americas IT Workflow Partner of the Year

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