Customer Service

We live in a world where touch points with our customers must be seamless. Ness can help you make this a reality with the Now Platform.

Customer Service Management

Creating a single point of contact for customers to handle both service and support issues is a unique power of ServiceNow. As more consumer-facing businesses create customer portals and mobile apps, Customer Service needs to both be able to handle product or order issues, and resolve technical mobile-device app installs or browser-based portal problems.

Enabling a Single Point of Contact

How do you make product and order issue resolution, and app and webpage support in one place a reality?
  • Customer Service Portal – Allow Case creation and management for any type of issue a customer has – service OR support related
  • Smart Case Processing – Loaded with information from customer loyalty programs, vendor management data, and order information
  • Case to Incident Linking – If your customer has an issue with a webpage, report, or app (a problem caused by your IT) - link it immediately to an incident and start working on it
  • Case to Request Linking – Have a permissions or access issue that has caused a problem for your customer? Link that reporting case to a Request record and begin to get your customer on track immediately
  • Machine Learning Workflow - Mine all your data – structured, semi-structured, and unstructured to produce actionable knowledge articles to reduce support costs and enable Customer Service Management self-service

Field Service Management

With a distributed mobile workforce, communication and organization are vital to success. Without a centralized platform, requests can be miscommunicated or overlooked, resulting in service disruptions, wasted time and ultimately, unhappy customers. In a department where time is of the utmost importance, having a system in place to automate requests and provide visibility is key to delivering superior service.

Speed Up Delivery of Services

With the power of the Now Platform, you can take Field Service Management to a whole new level and speed up the delivery and quality of services. We’ll show you how to streamline your field service requests through a centralized enterprise portal to make it seamless for all anytime, anywhere, on any device - from the end user making the request to the field service team handling the request to ensure requests are done correctly, on-time, and efficiently.

IT Operations Management

What if you could fix problems before customers know they have them? Ness can help you leverage IT Operations Management to take your IT from a reactive state to a proactive one to give your customers the experience they deserve. This involves gaining visibility into your infrastructure and applications, optimizing your cloud spend, and maintaining overall service health.

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