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How Can Education Technology Companies Master the Art of Learning Innovation? – Education Sector Series: Part 1

Teachers teaches students on computer

The education industry is getting disrupted at a rapid pace as there is a revolutionary change in the way people learn. And for education technology companies, this represents a world of fresh opportunities and challenges. An increased preference for flexible learning options- virtual classrooms, on-demand videos, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) etc., intensifying competition between traditional players and new education technology start-ups, and the emergence of digital technologies like 3D printing, Machine Learning and Virtual Reality are changing the game for these companies.

Ness works with some of the largest education technology companies and helps them create a roadmap for accelerating innovation with platforms focused on delivering improved learning experiences and successful outcomes. Here are some of the examples of our recent work in the education sector:

Personalized Communication & Learning: Using data and behavioral analysis, Ness helped a client develop a content personalization system that identifies unique learning styles and automatically curates personalized content. For another client, Ness built an adaptive e-reader which provides a space for students and professors to engage and interact in a uniquely personalized environment.

Platform Modernization: Ness worked closely with a leading provider of K-12 Learning Management Systems to build its next generation product suite. This platform modernization included consolidating capabilities from multiple legacy systems onto a single, fully-integrated platform, and then migrating the platform to the cloud. Ness also helped the client establish an Agile software development process, which increased team productivity by nearly 1.5x.

Product Expansion with Partners: A global leader in higher education technology solutions partnered with Ness to enhance revenue opportunities and customer satisfaction by expanding its platform with partners. Ness created a knowledge service catalogue to make content more accessible to the client’s platform users and partner applications. To support student success, Ness also developed a data aggregation, analysis and reporting service to improve information transparency and accuracy across an integrated ecosystem of partner applications.

Education is getting more and more technology driven and companies that are early in responding to the signs and adopting new age technologies such as IoT, Virtual reality/Augmented Reality, mobility, social and the like should be in a stronger position to create innovative platforms, products, and services to cater to the unique demands of a highly personalized industry. Learn how Ness enables its clients in education technology to leverage new opportunities in their space.

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