Building the Right Strategy to Maximize Your ServiceNow investment

Strategy, plan, consensus, and roadmap – all important words that are used every day at organizations. The real question is how do you successfully combine these into a sound ServiceNow platform strategy? Check out our interactive webinar as we dissect what it takes to maximize the value of your ServiceNow platform investment from a 360-degree lens that encompasses structure, processes, technology, talent, metrics, and culture.

In this webinar, you’ll hear directly from a former customer platform owner who maximized the return on investment on ServiceNow, and who now dedicates his days to helping others do the same.  We’ll help you answer and take action on questions, such as:

  • Do your associates and customers know where you’re headed?
  • Are you tracking the right metrics to support your vision?
  • Is your sequencing of investments catalytic?
  • Is your platform team set up to scale?
  • Is your user experience on-brand?
  • How do we franchise the platform to connect the business process automation end-to-end?

Please complete the form on Linium’s website (a Ness Digital Engineering company) to watch the webinar.

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