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Building Resilience in B2B Sales

In a recent podcast with SalesTech Star, Drew Naukam, Chief Growth Officer for North America, shares his thoughts on building resilient teams in B2B sales and how it has become crucial for sales and marketing leaders to step up and drive team processes in the new normal.

Key Highlights & Takeaways:

Leadership qualities that are integral to sales and marketing in today’s new normal:

  • Bring value to your team: As a sales leader, you have to put your team in a position to be successful and help them think differently to achieve their goals.
  • Hold your team accountable: Help your team grow, develop, and give them opportunities to take on new roles. At the same time, hold them accountable when there are opportunities to improve.
  • Listen and prepare: Have a plan and be able to adjust it depending on the customer’s needs.

The importance of building and shaping stronger sales and marketing teams:

  • Consider the impact of this new world on our business today: Everything needs to be driven by data, and platforms need to be modernized and evolved to succeed.

How to adapt to the changing business needs in this new normal:

  • Have agility in your offerings: Create offerings to respond to the new demands of the customers.
  • Be creative in prospecting: Use social media tools to map and cultivate new customers.
  • Your presence on calls matter: First impressions count in a virtual world, so it’s important to make the effort.

Click here to listen to the full podcast.