Building a Solution to Identify Host Information using Probes

Case Study

Building a Solution to Identify Host Information using Probes

The Challenge

The client, an AI-based cybersecurity product company funded by Comcast, needed a solution developed which allowed its product to identify host information on the basis of IP addresses.

The Solution

Ness developed a solution to identify host info using probes. Probes are capable to query remote systems and get all the details. By developing probes (AD Probe & Network Probe) for a larger environment, the product can collect host info from several million computers by traversing multiple active directories.

The Results

  • Now able to quickly identify and replay anomalous network behaviors that represent movement by infected hosts or malicious insiders seeking to exfiltrate proprietary data.
  • Ability to construct a 360-degree view of the entire cyber threat kill chain, enabling customers to detect, analyze, and contain any threats originating from outside or inside the network.
  • Examine more than 4,000 network protocols for potential malicious events and performs machine learning, network-based forensic detection, speculative code execution, and behavioral analysis on all communications.