Medical education: New trends in Digitisation

Since January this year, we have been training physicians in the field of digitisation of healthcare. We provide lectures on the benefits of modern technology in healthcare and try to motivate experienced physicians to use them.

According to recent surveys, 71% of Slovak physicians are 50 years of age and older, and the average age of all physicians is 56.7 years. Therefore, most physicians are at an age when they start considering retirement or are about to retire early. The current age structure of general practitioners could lead to a critical situation in society in a few years.

One of the reasons physicians decide to leave their profession may be the apprehension caused by digital technologies that pervade all areas of our lives. This era requires constant education and adaptation to new trends, hence the conception of our one-day training project in which physicians are acquainted with innovations in the field of digitisation of healthcare and where we show them how to practically handle the “eZdravi” system.

We work together with MediCom Software and SOFTPROGRES on our project, and our common goal is to point out that digitisation is not an obstacle but, on the contrary, it is something that facilitates physicians’ work and brings them more time for personal contact with their patients.

We educate physicians in the following topics:

  • Electronic healthcare
  • Outpatient electronic communication
  • Electronic devices in the ambulance
  • Paperless outpatient clinic
  • Preventive health care

The specialist training is conducted in the form of presentations, practical demonstrations and individual work with an outpatient information system linked to “eZdravi” system. We have planned 30 training sessions in 26 districts, and we would like to train 600 physicians. (The project is aimed mainly at physicians over 50 years.)

We are about halfway through now: 13 trainings are over, and 355 physicians are trained. During the holidays and vacations, we decided to take a break and we will continue to train physicians from September again. For more information, visit

This project is being implemented through support from the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund under the Human Resources Operational Programme. Detailed information from this field is available at and
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Medical education: New trends in Digitisation

Since January this year, we have been training physicians in the field of digitisation of healthcare....
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