Innovative hForms workflow in Heineken Slovakia
Case Study Heineken Slovensko

Heineken Slovakia also advances progress in digital transformation by expanding the functionality of local CRM systems. The new internal “hForms” workflow based on Ness technology has been created thanks to this. This has significantly simplified and clarified the overall process of creating and processing requests of the premises that are used by the sales department during everyday work.


Heineken Slovakia sales representatives originally created various requests for the premises they take care of within their business activities (mainly the HORECA area) in different formats. For example, in Excel, email or even in a paper form. The subject of a request can, for example, be the requirement for the installation of new tapping equipment, the order of goods on the occasion of organizing a special event, a requirement for merchandising etc. The original method for processing requests had several disadvantages – laboriousness, high error risk and inefficiency. Sales representatives also used to experience not knowing what the status of their request was for a long time and who they should contact to find out. Also, the universal request form could not simply inform the user which fields are mandatory and which are unnecessary for their case.

About Heineken Slovakia

Heineken Slovakia has been the beer market leader in Slovakia for more than 19 years with a stable market share of approximately 40%. Heineken Slovakia a.s. is part of one of the largest worldwide brewing groups – Heineken N.V. Together with the Heineken brand – the flagship of the company portfolio – Heineken Slovakia sells the most valuable Slovak beer brand Zlatý Bažant as well as other strong Slovakian beer brands Corgoň and Kelt, the regional Martiner, and some well-known international brands – Krušovice, Starobrno and Desperados.

Since 2015, Heineken Slovakia has become the producer of the best-selling cider in the world – trademark Strongbow – that is produced in the brewery Hurbanovo and delivered to the markets of Central and East Europe.


The Heineken Slovakia company management was interested in streamlining the processes mentioned above. The management asked Ness for a solution that would simplify the work of sales representatives, their managers, distribution warehouse dispatchers, beer inspectors, supply operators and other employees.

For Heineken, we had the chance to design a new solution based on Android application technology (as sales representatives already use company tablets with Android OS and work with company applications), email approval workflow, a web configuration portal and MS SQL. In intensive cooperation with key customer users, the hForms application was developed, which is an extension and upgrade of the Jáchym CRM system.

How the customer sees it…

“In our company, we continuously search for solutions to provide internal customers with added value in the form of a modern user operating environment and comfort, work acceleration, higher transparency and availability of information, controlled reporting, history accessibility, an increase in efficiency as well as the cost reduction connected with this. The Ness experts helped us precisely with this.”

Matej Mihálik, Business Solutions Manager, Heineken Slovensko

The result of the Heineken Slovakia project

Moving requests to the hForms mobile application environment has greatly accelerated and streamlined the entire process of creating and processing a request. We deployed the solution step by step according to the agreed plan. Thanks to an agile approach, the customer had a continuous view of the project status and was able to regularly monitor the results of the development work, ensuring rapid feedback.

The result of this project is an hForms application which cooperates with the existing CRM system of Heineken Slovakia.

Key benefits

  • Minimization of manual activities and reduction of the error rate during request creation and processing
  • Automatic validation of request form fields immediately after their filling
  • Dynamic changes of offered values in the form fields based on the change of another field value – including information about which fields are mandatory and which cannot be filled
  • Warning in the case of an unusual or unexpected combination of data in the form
  • Central administration of code-lists and automatic updating of the forms by tablets
  • Instant overview of the actual request status including identification of the approval step being waited for
  • Request history with filtering option
  • Notifications in Android in case of a request change
  • Approval or disapproval of the request on the part of a supervisor by one click on the email link (with an option to add a remark – the reason for disapproval)
  • Various workflows depending upon particular values in the form
  • Automatic generation of outputs from the request for further processing
  • The data within the structure for further analysis including the BI system
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