We are a partner for automobile factories and suppliers in the field of active safety, automated driving and entertainment from driving. Our clients want to digitally transform their business.

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We have been operating in financial services for more than 15 years and we operate in many banks in the Czech Republic. We are familiar with technological developments and new regulatory requirement. We respond quickly and efficiently.

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Retailers face a new generation of technically capable customers who have instant access to information and require unrivaled customer experience, regardless of how they shop.

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Our services are used by the largest producers and distributors of electricity, gas, heat and water. We create solutions for smart distribution networks and increase its efficiency.

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We offer to media, entertainment and publishing companies a unique combination of expertise in the design of modern customer experiences and in-depth data analysis to create greater value and engaging customer experience.

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In the field of pharmacy and healthcare we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions. We use experience from many models of healthcare systems from all over the world. We also focus on electronic and mobile health care.

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Thanks to our deep capabilities in Big Data, Analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), we can accelerate your journey of introducing digital transformation into your workshop.

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Mobile operators emphasize self-service digital business channels and the associated agility and speed of change implementation. At Ness, we have a deep understanding of CI / CD processes, automated testing, containerization, public and hybrid clouds, and agile processes.

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We know the standards of public and government administration and we are familiar with environment of authorities as well. Our experience is enriched with solutions from other countries, where we are constantly inspired and bringing new inputs.

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We understand the processes of our clients and help them to set up these processes so they work in their favour. We design, create and integrate digital platforms and corporate software that allow companies to naturally connect with customers and react flexibly.
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