NESS Slovensko, a.s.


is a Ness Business Development Manager.
He has been with the company since 2002. He started as a junior trader and gradually became responsible for the business management of the entire company. He participates in business projects of all sizes, from small and medium-sized projects in the financial sector to large and long-term projects in energy and state administration. He is able to offer customers a comprehensive overview of their operation, including identifying their needs, finding optimal solutions and defining their future challenges. Thanks to relationships based on mutual trust and fairness, Pavol has managed to create lasting relationships with customers, demonstrated by the fact that customers repeatedly turn to him with requests for cooperation.


is a Ness Delivery Manager.

He has been with Ness since 2004. He has many years of experience as an IT consultant and IT project manager in major and challenging projects in the public and commercial sectors. Thanks to this, he is able to listen to customers, identify their business requirements, correctly analyse them, then clearly convey all this to his team. Consequently, both sides of the business relationship feel highly satisfied.

He leads his team towards maximum professionalism so as to achieve tangible added value for customers’ investments. The outcome of every effort must be a specific innovative solution that simplifies and streamlines the customer’s work. Vlad’s key strengths include fulfilling the approved budget and its time schedule because the delivery of excellence is a part of the job.


is responsible for managing the Healthcare Team.
He is one of the founders of the original company (then under the name of Delta E.S.) and has been working for it since the very start in 1991. He is currently one of the most qualified healthcare consultants in Slovakia. In the past, he worked as a specialist in SAP ISU and as a leading consultant for leasing solutions. His pragmatism, straightforwardness, insight and enthusiasm for new things are among his inherent traits.


is an Operation Manager for the Healthcare segment.
He has been with Ness since 1992. In this time, he has held various management functions, including project manager, executive, financial and operations director. He was a leader in the process of transforming Ness from a local Slovak company into the multinational corporation that it is today. His sense of process order, adaptability to new conditions and handling of crisis situations are among his strengths. He likes new challenges, which often result in unique prototype solutions. Regardless of the complexity of a situation, he completes his task and is able to build solid and long-lasting relationships with partners thanks to his professional conduct.

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