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Boston Red Sox Score Big with Salesforce

Learn how the Boston Red Sox are leveraging Salesforce to create better customer experiences.

As the global pandemic continues, organizations are looking for ways technology can help them adapt to this new normal. In a recent interview with CIO, Jason Lumsden, Director of IT for the Boston Red Sox, talks about discovering the advantages and challenges of relying on technology to satisfy the Red Sox Nation. In particular, Jason details how the Red Sox, in partnership with Sovereign CRM, a Ness Digital Engineering Company, consolidated multiple CRMs and are now leveraging Salesforce to realize operational efficiencies.

Improving the Customer Journey with Salesforce

Discover how the Red Sox improved their customer journey by focusing on having the most relevant information at their fingertips so they can help their customers as quickly as possible. Key topics include:

  • What were the key challenges with customers (fans) and the sales team
  • What do sales teams need from IT and what prevents IT from meeting those needs
  • How can a CIO foster greater trust between IT and sales
  • How did Salesforce help solve your challenges
  • What tools can improve communications between IT and sales
  • What advice is recommended to other CIOs

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