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Automating a Retailer’s Workforce Management During a Pandemic

Read more about the journey of a resilient retail leader who acted quickly to automate their workforce management during this global crisis.

Businesses in every industry have been presented with unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. These challenges continue to change and shift as we move from lockdowns and self-isolation through the various stages of reopening and recovery. In a recent interview with EnterpriseTalk, Mo Masud, Executive Director, Strategic Accounts and Emerging Markets, explains how Ness has supported a national retailer along each stage of this evolution to automate manual processes from on/offboarding to exposure management.

Article highlights include:

The Challenge

From an IT perspective, there were several tasks made challenging by both the need to work remotely and the fact that they were in simple spreadsheets that required manual input. This included: coordinating the collection and reclamation of IT hardware devices from vendors and associates who had been offboarded; re-harvesting or recovering the cost of unused software licenses or subscriptions; ensuring application access was terminated smoothly across all devices and accounts to prevent security breaches; and coordination of the hand-offs across multiple functional areas during the offboarding process.

Rapid Offboarding

In response, Ness and the national retailer developed a rapid offboarding solution that synthesized features from their enterprise digital workflow platform, existing HR systems, and modern digital workflow capabilities to consolidate spreadsheets, emails, and disparate data into one master application governed by rules-based workflows. This allowed the retailer to streamline and prioritize processes and data – while controlling costs and reducing compliance risk.

Exposure Management Solution

As the pandemic progressed, the next evolution of the initiative came when it was time to begin opening and running stores again, while still in the midst of a pandemic. This required new protocols, rapid adoption of changing public health guidelines, the additional expense of implementing retail safety standards, and, most importantly, ensuring the health and safety of its employees and customers. This was the genesis of the COVID Exposure Management Solution.

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