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Smita Vasudevan

About Smita Vasudevan

Smita is part of the marketing team at Ness Digital Engineering. She is passionate about B2B content and how it is bringing businesses and their customers closer in a digital economy. A former tech journalist, Smita loves to read about latest technology trends and advancements in digital and content marketing.
Amazon Go

Amazon Go: A Glimpse Into the Future of Retail

Amazon Go, the cashier-less store that recently opened to the public, is being touted as the boldest experiment by the online retail giant and is catching the attention and envy of retailers worldwide. Over a year back, when Amazon announced the opening of an 1800 sq. foot digitized, cashier-less store, the announcement itself was enough […]read more »

Creating Smart Businesses with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The concept of AI (which attempts to understand, design, and model intelligent systems), was invented by Stanford’s John McCarthy back in 1958. Yet, across the seven decades, the adoption of AI has been steady, yet sedate. The ever-evolving research in the field of AI, since the time of its inception, has seen a significant change […]read more »
AI and Data analytics

Why AI and Big Data Analytics Make an Inseparable Pair

Unless we’ve been living under a rock, we likely are aware that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the fastest growing technology segments. How to keep pace with this technology advancement is a major question being discussed in corporate boardrooms. This article discusses why AI and big data analytics are an important pairing. For businesses […]read more »
Teachers teaches students on computer

How Can Education Technology Companies Master the Art of Learning Innovation? – Education Sector Series: Part 1

The education industry is getting disrupted at a rapid pace as there is a revolutionary change in the way people learn. And for education technology companies, this represents a world of fresh opportunities and challenges. An increased preference for flexible learning options- virtual classrooms, on-demand videos, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) etc., intensifying competition between […]read more »
Artificial Intelligence

Steps to Gear Up for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a hype or science fiction, it is a reality organizations are waking up to. For businesses, AI holds immense potential to transform human productivity, enhance revenue and accelerate innovation. Yet an important question facing many organizations is – how to gear up for AI adoption. AI, in simple terms, […]read more »