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Ride the Next Wave of Growth with Personalized Learning Experiences- Education Sector Series: Part 2

The education industry is poised for a technology revolution. A 2016 report on EdTech Spending states that the global education technology market is expected to grow at 17% to over $250B by 2020. This marks a huge opportunity for education technology services companies to accelerate growth by offering innovative learning solutions and platforms that enable […]read more »
starting a devops journey

Key Steps in Eliminating the Roadblocks to DevOps Adoption

DevOps adoption is a strategic priority for most enterprises right now and the benefits that early adopters are reaping is testimony to its true potential in driving organizational change. But getting DevOps right can be a tough challenge for many organizations considering that it entails major transformations and requires a combination of people, processes and […]read more »
starting a devops journey

What Are the Key considerations in Starting a DevOps Journey?

DevOps is generating a lot of enthusiasm and its adoption is catching up across organizations, yet there are misconceptions around the whole DevOps philosophy that could result in slowing down its progress or diminishing its value. DevOps adoption is often challenging considering that different parts of the organization need to be in sync, hence starting […]read more »

Important Lessons and Considerations in DevOps Adoption

Breaking the traditional barriers between IT and operations, a DevOps style of software delivery holds great promise for organizations looking at gaining business agility and speeding up digital transformation, and that explains why organizations large and small are moving towards it. There is enough evidence around us on how organizations are using DevOps adoption to […]read more »
airline overbooking problem

How Data Analytics Can Solve the Airline Overbooking Problem?

It is interesting to see how data analytics helps solve real business problems, and its benefits extends to a wide range of industries. Consider the airlines industry, which has been facing flak because of frequent instances of overbooked flights and is consequently looking for better ways to intelligently handle such scenarios without affecting an airline’s […]read more »
Opportunities for Marketers in a Digital Economy

Changing Trends, Challenges and Opportunities for Marketers in a Digital Economy

With the increasing use of technology in marketing, marketers’ roles have seen tremendous shifts. The mandate for marketing organizations is quite clear – how to do more with less? At the same time, it is increasingly important yet very often challenging for marketing and IT teams to collaborate and align their efforts around the larger […]read more »
unlock value of your data

How to Unlock the Value of Your Data

Organizations are generating truckloads of data – about customer behavior, sales, internal operations, unstructured comments from social media, and the like. Turning this raw data into valuable information is the key challenge companies face in gaining competitive advantage and identifying new revenue streams. Many of the world’s largest companies don’t own physicals assets or manufacture […]read more »