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IT Versus the Organization

In a new article for InformationWeek, Paul Lombardo, CEO, Ness Digital Engineering, shares his viewpoints on the importance of IT and business alignment and how IT leaders can align their goals with the larger business objectives.  “More now than ever, technology is central to a company’s ability to compete, so alignment of IT and strategic […]read more »
Wealth management

Gearing Up for the Next Generation of Investors – Wealth Management

The wealth management industry is undergoing major transformations with the emergence of digital savvy millennials on the investment scene. This new generation of customers expect more value for the fee they pay, and want more control with real-time, personalized and instant access to information about their wealth, as well as predictive recommendations for the future. […]read more »

Technology and GDPR: Is your platform ready?

In an article for ITProPortal, David Mackay, associate vice president of business development for Ness Digital Engineering, discusses the common challenges arising from GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) companies should consider when it comes to making their technology platforms GDPR compliant. These include accountability and compliance and data access. David adds that when it […]read more »