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Rajendran Balakrishnan

About Rajendran Balakrishnan

Rajendran is a CSM certified Senior Manager - QA with Ness Digital Engineering in Bangalore. He manages QA and Agile/Scrum management functions. Rajendran has extensive experience in leading teams in successfully transitioning from the waterfall model to continuous delivery in Agile.

Microservices Architecture and Design Principles

Rajendran Balakrishnan, Senior Manager-QA, Ness Digital Engineering, and Senior Developer Chandrakanth Puvvada provide insights into the key principles to remember while designing a microservices based enterprise application. In the Enterprise application technology front we have multiple trends that are forcing application architectures to evolve. Application users expect a rich, interactive and dynamic user experience on […]read more »

Continous Integration in Agile Development

Traditional software development methods don’t suggest how frequently or regularly you integrate the entire source on a project. Programmers can work separately for hours, days, or even weeks on the same source without realizing how many conflicts / defects they have introduced. However, in today’s world of agile adaptations for software delivery, Continuous Integration (CI) […]read more »