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Rajendran Balakrishnan

About Rajendran Balakrishnan

Rajendran is a CSM certified Senior Manager - QA with Ness Digital Engineering in Bangalore. He manages QA and Agile/Scrum management functions. Rajendran has extensive experience in leading teams in successfully transitioning from the waterfall model to continuous delivery in Agile.

Designing a microservices-based enterprise application

Rajendran Balakrishnan, Senior Manager-QA, Ness Digital Engineering, provide insights into the key principles to remember while designing a microservices-based enterprise application. In the Enterprise application technology front, we have multiple trends that are forcing application architectures to be modernized on a newer platform with a long-term futuristic vision. The new modern platform offers versatility in terms […]read more »

Continous Integration in Agile Development

Traditional software development methods don’t suggest how frequently or regularly you integrate the entire source on a project. Programmers can work separately for hours, days, or even weeks on the same source without realizing how many conflicts / defects they have introduced. However, in today’s world of agile adaptations for software delivery, Continuous Integration (CI) […]read more »