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Nilanchala Panigrahy

About Nilanchala Panigrahy

Nilanchala is a professional full-stack developer with over 10 years of experience in building cross-domain, cross-functional technology agnostic architectures and solutions. He is leading application integration solutions on diverse platforms utilizing expert hands-on knowledge of Java, Spring, micro-services, and mobile platforms. He is the author of the book "Android Application Development using Xamarin" and often writes his thoughts on his blog

API Gateways: Key Benefits to Consider

Application program interfaces (API) are sets of routines, protocols, and tools for describing how software applications and components should interact with each other. They are the key driver in today’s economy for integrating with an ecosystem much larger than most companies can build on their own. Today, many ubiquitous digital platforms and services (think Twitter, […]read more »

TestFairy – a mobile pilot beta testing and deployment platform for Android

Testing apps and getting feedback from users has never been easy in mobile development. So what service will make testing Android apps easier? I’ve compiled a set of available frameworks and features for Android application beta testing and will give highlights on my pick: TestFairy. How TestFairy Works? TestFairy follows simple steps while distributing the […]read more »

Vitality of Beta Testing In Mobile Application Development

Over the past few years, mobile platform is emerging and corporate focus is accelerating towards mobility as key business. If we cast our memories back a few years, mobile apps were often meant for market presence for companies, but today they are a fiercely-competitive world of money-making businesses. Hence it’s important to consider every aspect of your application: […]read more »