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Mark Lister

About Mark Lister

Mark is Chief Digital Officer, Ness Digital Engineering and is based out of London.
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The Power of Ness TechDays Virtual Conference

We’ve just closed the panel discussions and slimmed 67 topic submissions down to 10 speaking slots for the third edition of Ness TechDays, our virtual, technical knowledge exchange conference for Ness employees and customers, to be held in September. I wanted to capture and share some genuine excitement: a hopeful dream has come to life […]read more »

Championing Digital Storytelling – It’s Not About You, You, You. Make Your Brand Relevant to the Lives of Your Audience

How can organizations cut through the white noise and keep their customers satisfied and coming back for more? Ness Digital Engineering Chief Digital Officer, Mark Lister has authored an article for online portal Fourth Source where he spotlights the issues that rise from trying to reach out to an audience that is increasingly distracted in the […]read more »
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5 Steps to Build an Effective Omnichannel Strategy

The Chief Digital Officer for Ness Digital Engineering, Mark Lister and the Director, Digital Practice, North America, James Williams, outline five recommended steps that companies should take to determine how they can best implement to build an effective omnichannel strategy. Step #1: Build a business case. Perform a channel assessment to determine which channels are […]read more »

2016 Design Trends

It will be a year for embedding design patterns into our favorite sites so that interactions feel intuitive across all our devices. Websites now need to be completely and thoughtfully responsive to match user expectations. Specific trends to follow as you jump around the Internet include: Card layouts (like Pinterest, BuzzFeed and Facebook Open Graph) give your users […]read more »
omnichannel strategies

Developing an Effective Omnichannel Strategy

Companies that successfully create a seamless, omnichannel experience across engagement channels with their customers forge stronger customer relationships. In the age of the Digital Economy, it is essential that companies strive for this to stay ahead of their competition. Analyst houses such as IDC have predicted that investment of time, budget and energy into omnichannel […]read more »

Come on, Get API

There are many key drivers in the Digital Economy. It’s now de rigeur to quote the number of currently connected mobile devices, the spread/speed/frequency of connectivity and the benefits of moving to the cloud. Add a nod to the ubiquity of Social, the potential of IoT, the threat of AI and the efficiencies of SaaS/PaaS/IaaS […]read more »

What does Publicis’ interest in acquiring Sapient Nitro tell us?

Interestingly, when Sapient acquired Nitro in summer 2009 for $50m, the tech consulting designer of websites and builder of ecommerce platforms (Sapient) was in need of a bunch of hotshot advertising creatives (Nitro) to bolster its already considerable firepower. This was a time when savvy brands were starting to consolidate their suppliers down to a […]read more »