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Jean Paul de Vooght

About Jean Paul de Vooght

Jean-Paul is a Solution Architect member of the Solutioning Team at Ness Digital Engineering. His role involves bridging delivery capabilities with innovation opportunities in Germany and Switzerland. His experience spans across solutions in industry, telecommunications, travel and new media.

Important Learnings from the Applied Machine Learning Days 2018

I attended the second Applied Machine Learning Days at the EPFL in Lausanne this year. This event is organized by Marcel Salathe and his team of the Digital Epidemiology lab, where they apply machine learning to uncover dynamics of health and disease in human populations. Just like last year’s event, the conference balanced sessions between […]read more »
Design Thinking

Velocity and Design Thinking for the Industrial Internet of Things

Why do we accept speed as an unquestionable edict in software development? And when we do, what is the best approach to introduce smart machines without alienating customers in the digital transformation journey? To understand the origin of speed as a strategic element of software development, let us look at military defense. The introduction of […]read more »
Applied Machine Learning

Interesting Highlights from the Applied Machine Learning Days

I attended the first edition of the “Applied Machine Learning Days” which took place at the Federal Engineering School of Lausanne (EPFL, Switzerland). The event involved two days of talks and tutorials on Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, organized by Prof. Marcel Salathé and his team of the Lab of Digital Epidemiology that gathered 450 […]read more »
InfoSec meets DevOps

InfoSec meets DevOps

Organizations are continuously learning how to adapt to the digital economy and its high release cadences. For some, this also means moving from a delivery methodology monoculture to a polyculture environment to address the varying needs between new and old applications. Adopting Agile methodologies allows the exploration of novel business models with a Minimum Viable […]read more »
logo of Barbecode

Barbecode 2016 and a Tale of MVC

Ness has a tradition of maintaining strong ties with technologists across its delivery locations and organizations. It regularly participates to and organizes events where we have the opportunity to meet fellow architects, testers, developers to exchange on best practices, trends and challenges we face in our line of work. I had the privilege to recently […]read more »
big data

Detecting Drug Incompatibility Indicators within Big Data

The World Health Organization and individual countries maintain reports of adverse drug reactions. These datasets are used to assess adverse drug reactions, often by comparing occurrences of these expressed in ratios for all the drugs listed. In the US, openFDA has a total of 5.9 million entries in the FDA Adverse Effect Reporting System. Adverse effects […]read more »

A Connected Car’s Ego Network

Automotive brands are actively anticipating trends that include the car “sharing economy” or multi-modal mobility i.e. mixing multiple means of transportation in single trips. At the same time, they keep improving their products and providing their clients with the best possible driving experiences. Software found its way into cars some 30 years ago and today, […]read more »

Delivering Services – Between Empathy and Automation

You may have come across this great Spotify labs metaphor on Twitter or at an agile conference: Minimum Viable Products or MVPs are about delivering value at each iteration. This perspective on product delivery is part of the culture of companies leading the digital transformation. There’s more to this picture than meets the eye. It’s not […]read more »
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