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Ness is a global, leading ​custom software development company. Ness understands that for companies to grow, to differentiate, to stay relevant, it’s critical to find new ways to engage, retain and build loyalty with customers -- continually delivering better services, experiences and content.
Ness Conducts Nessathon in Slovakia and Romania

Ness Conducts Nessathon in Slovakia and Romania

TEANECK, NJ – Oct 26, 2018 – Ness Digital Engineering, a global provider of digital transformation and custom software engineering services, recently brought the latest iteration of its Nessathon-2018 (a hackathon for the Nessians) to its Technology Innovation Centers in Kosice, Slovakia; Timisoara, Romania; and Iasi, Romania. The hackathon event received an enthusiastic response from […]read more »

Frequent Use Cases for IoT- Featuring Forrester Research

In today’s globalized world, everything is interconnected; thanks to IoT, which connects billions of physical devices to the Internet. Most of the business leaders in the industry consider IoT to be just the beginning of how technology can transform the way we do business. So, what’s the right way that IoT applies across industries? Here’s […]read more »

Reality Check: Looking At Use Cases For AI, IoT And Blockchain

In an article for Express Computer, Moshe Kranc, Chief Technology Officer, Ness Digital Engineering delineates the hype surrounding the hottest new technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain and its long-term impact of these technologies. According to him, one useful way to sift through the hype is to focus on use cases: […]read more »

Instant Data Science

Businesses today are increasingly using data science capabilities to build its next set of products, which will be highly personalized. As a result, the demand for the fast-growing new roles of data scientist, data developers, and data engineers has shot up. In a new article for Datanami, Moshe Kranc, Chief technology Officer, Ness Digital Engineering, […]read more »

3 Phases of Evolution for IoT Strategy- Featuring Forrester Research

There’s no secret that the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most talked-about topics in the tech industry today. By aggregating sensors, connectivity, processing, analytics and machine learning, IoT has well transformed countless industries, creating new business opportunities for service providers in domains such as manufacturing, public safety, healthcare, connected mobility, connected home, […]read more »

NICE Actimize Engage

Visit the Ness display at this exclusive event on Oct. 17-18 in NYC.  The event brings together leading financial institution executives, industry experts, and NICE Actimize product and subject matter experts. Ness is NICE Actimize’s trusted AML (Anti-Money Laundering) engineering partner. We collaborate with Actimize and leverage our deep product expertise to accelerate your AML Implementation. […]read more »