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IT and Business Can Work in Harmony

Useful Insights on How IT and Business Can Work in Harmony

Digital transformation demands a scenario where IT and business teams work in harmony to be able to respond to new growth opportunities. The tech-business collaboration can be a great thing for modern day businesses that strive to be innovative and agile in rolling out new customer-facing and revenue generating products to the market. But in […]read more »
Using Data to Effectively Create IoT Applications

Video Series Featuring Forrester Part VII: The Business Imperative for Functional and Technical Collaboration

Mike Gualtieri, Vice President, Principal Analyst Forrester, provides his insight on the importance of collaboration between technical and business titles within an organization. The business side is often looking for fresh ways to innovate their products and services and it typically involves the implementation of new technologies. The best results are achieved when the two […]read more »

IT and Business: In Search of the Golden Mean

In a new wide-ranging article with TMCnet, Ness’s Chief Technology Officer Moshe Kranc discusses finding the harmonious middle, or the ‘Golden Mean’ between business and IT, and emphasizes the importance of balancing both in your corporation. He says, “Digital transformation demands a more balanced relationship, where the business side innovates with new revenue-generating applications at […]read more »

How Digital technologies Are Transforming the Learning Process?

Digital technology advancements in the recent years have brought major transformations for the education sector. Today’s virtual learning environments have moved learning beyond classrooms, and empowered learners with constant, on-demand access to information. The powerful combination of disruptive forces has opened up new opportunities to improve and enhance the learning process. Learners and organizations that […]read more »

Chief People Officers Take Up the Digital Transformation Baton

In an article for the Deccan Herald, Narayanan Nair, Ness’s Chief People Officer, highlights the increasingly important role chief people officers are playing in driving the enterprise digital transformation agenda.  “Fostering a people-centric and innovation-driven work culture would be a high priority for all enterprises and a key responsibility for HR leaders,” he writes. read […]read more »