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Ness Appoints New President and Global Chief Delivery Officer

Ness Appoints New President and Global Chief Delivery Officer

TEANECK, NJ – November 29, 2017 – Ness Digital Engineering has appointed technology veteran Vinay Rajadhyaksha to President and Global Chief Delivery Officer. With more than 30 years of global IT experience, Rajadhyaksha will help the company execute its growth plans by further scaling Ness’ delivery capabilities across its globally-distributed, Agile teams. “Vinay brings rich […]read more »

Successful Issuers Match Retailers In Personalizing Service

In a new article for PaymentsSource, Sanjay Bhakta, senior director of solutions for Ness Digital Engineering, discusses the tools banks and issuers should utilize to ultimately improve personalization for customers, citing the banking institutions USAA and BBVA as examples. These include leveraging customer segmentation data to better profile customers using data management best practices, outlining […]read more »

Business and Technology Collaboration is Crucial for Great Customer Experience

Customer experience has always been fundamental to business, but with digital revolution creating new demands for enterprises, there is a renewed thrust on enhancing customer experiences across the numerous customer interaction channels and touch points. This requires adoption of new operating models that drive better collaboration and help break down functional silos to enable greater […]read more »
Artificial Intelligence and BPM

How AI and Machine Learning Are Transforming Business Travels

Disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are transforming business travels around the world, combining passenger experiences and travel data to derive valuable insights to enhance the entire travel experience. Although technological advancements have also led to reduced need for business travels with more remote meetings getting conducted, face-to-face interactions still hold a […]read more »

Is Data Vault Modeling A Good Choice For Your Organization?

In a new article for insideBIGDATA, Moshe Kranc, chief technology officer of Ness Digital Engineering, discusses the major benefits and limitations that can help organizations decide if a Data Vault would meet their specific data architecture needs given that data vault modeling requires considerable experience if used. “Data Vault architecture is an innovative, hybrid approach that […]read more »
S&P Global Partners with Ness Digital Engineering to Develop New Global Talent Center in India

S&P Global Partners with Ness Digital Engineering to Develop New Global Talent Center in India

The Global Talent Center to become S&P Global Center of Excellence for Technology Talent Hyderabad, India – July 17, 2017 – Ness Digital Engineering is partnering with S&P Global, a leading provider of ratings, benchmarks, analytics and data to capital and commodity markets worldwide, to cultivate its global center of excellence for technology talent in […]read more »

DevOps Lessons Learned: Advice for IT Leaders

In a new article from the Enterprisers Project, Amit Gupta, leader of Ness Digital Engineering’s DevOps practice, provides insights about five key components to account for when establishing DevOps while stressing the importance of peeling back each layer before deploying new tools and technologies. “If we properly dissect what goes into effectively establishing DevOps, there […]read more »