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David is Senior Director – Ness Digital Engineering
Data Protection

The Impact of GDPR From a Technology Perspective – Is Your Platform Ready?

GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) is EU-wide legislation that will come into force on 25th May 2018. Much has been written about the impact it will have on business and the public sector, and the heightened obligations it mandates over and above existing EU country-level legislation (such as the UK’s 1998 Data Protection Act). […]read more »
CTOs Leverage External Expertise

How should CTOs leverage external expertise to deliver their innovation strategy

Every CTO is bombarded with calls and emails to meet with a new supplier to discuss the next big thing. But how do you decide which suppliers to meet with? What is the frame of reference you use to qualify whether something would be useful to you or not? It’s easy and understandable to stick […]read more »
digital hospital

The Digital Hospital

As all industries become more digital, a vision for the future within a technologically-advanced healthcare sector must challenge the very essence of what a “digital hospital” should be. While many specialist product vendor are focusing on innovations within the surgical field, there is an opportunity to significantly transform and improve the experience for all of the […]read more »

Effectively Leveraging the Strengths of IT Development Based Out of India

India has really good, experienced software engineers with enormous expertise. The software industry in India has reached a point where it generates software engineering talent on an unprecedented scale. In addition, many Indian software engineers have come back from working overseas, bringing a global perspective on best practices and industry sector insights to bear. While […]read more »

Avoiding the Staffing Pyramids of Large IT Firms

Many enterprises rely on software platforms to help deliver their revenue-generating and operational services. It’s part of the digital transformation going on all around us. They often outsource key software projects that provide core capabilities for their business to large IT firms, many based in offshore locations. But, unless you are familiar with how the […]read more »

What Is “Technical Debt” in Software Development, and Why Should It Concern Enterprises?

Technical Debt is often misunderstood, but it is essentially the cost of addressing structural issues within software code when trying to enhance or adapt software. It’s most commonly experienced in software platforms and products that have longevity, which need to be maintained and updated. It is also an inevitable side effect of implementing any system, […]read more »