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Anand Subramanian

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Anand is Senior Vice President - Delivery, Ness Digital Engineering and has rich experience in the education sector.
Teachers teaches students on computer

Of all things digital in learning

Over the last two years, the pace of ‘digital disruption’ has picked up and virtually every industry is feeling the impact. Digital disruption has empowered the education industry with its own set of opportunities. In a relatively short period of time, the focus has changed from teaching to learning, from teacher to learner, from blackboards to […]read more »

The Education Sector – Thriving in Digital Disruption

The wave of digital disruption is cutting across all industries. The education sector, capitalizing on innovative platforms and solutions that keep streaming into the market, is at the forefront of this disruption. Personalized Learning and Learner Analytics are two key domains within the education sector that are superbly taking advantage of new innovative technologies by […]read more »

Digitization & Education

It’s been a while since digitization has been making impacts on our businesses and customers. Today it impacts consumers as well. Consumers like you and me. Let’s take the education sector. Since the early 2000s, various publishing companies have ventured in the digitization of books, papers and other publications. Some have been successful, while some […]read more »