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How Amazon’s Athena Fills a Hole in the AWS Big Data Ecosystem

Big Data Initiative

It’s been less than a year since Amazon Web Services announced the launch of Athena, a big data database that can ingest data directly from Amazon S3 storage and uses Amazon’s Lambda serverless programming framework to allocate resources on demand with a very attractive pricing model.

In this article for Datanami, Moshe Kranc, chief technology officer, Ness Digital Engineering, discusses the data query tool in more detail, and lists down the features that make it an ideal solution for ad hoc queries, as well as the instances when the tool may not be the best fit for big data cases. “Athena reads data directly from a single S3 bucket, in a variety of data formats. The catch (and it is a big one) is the limitation to one bucket. All the data to be processed must be gathered into a single bucket in the current version of Athena,” notes Moshe.

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