Asset Tracking for Oil & Gas Operator

Case Study

Asset Tracking for Oil & Gas Operator

The Challenge

An Oil & Gas Operator needed to modernize their legacy fleet management system to provide its fleet managers and operators with real-time tracking of their assets. The legacy system consisted of four different platforms that resulted in unnecessarily complex workflow impacting the efficiency of fleet managers.

The Solution

In partnership with the client, Ness initially created an integrated user experience leveraging best practices in experience engineering. State-of-the-art frontend engineering expanded to backend platform improvements and the introduction of a microservices architecture, integration of geolocation information, and alarm notifications if the asset moved outside a defined geo-boundary.

The Results

The new version of fleet management system enabled the fleet managers to be able to closely track mechanical availability and reasons for operations issues. The product also helped in increased adoption of tablets and mobile use by fleet managers. Overall, this has resulted in:

  • Increased visibility of assets by 30%
  • Improved operational efficiency by streamlining UX flow and UI compared to the legacy version