AI in conversational commerce

The Ness Connected Labs team has been working on many ChatBot use cases recently. We set out to showcase that knowledge and demonstrate how quickly a business can increase customer satisfaction by using intelligent self-serve technology to accomplish the most common tasks customers are looking to complete.


We see many businesses looking to increase operational efficiency by automating the active responses to the most commonly asked customer questions. We used an imagined Ness Dental healthcare provider and a conversational interface to make and cancel bookings and route questions to a customer service expert….How hard could it be?


The team first validated some imagined work flows with a real dental company. In our film we built the flow using Passage.AI’s BotBuilder, and then did a lookup of a specific customer – by integrating with a standard CRM – to display their details and a Google map showing convenient local dental addresses. The solution then cross-references the booking system of the Dental Practice to offer open appointment slots to the user. For more complicated questions (or to set up an account with a human) we routed the interaction through an automated Amazon Connect Contact Center which directs the information known to date to a customer service representative.


This experiment has led on to real projects. We can now see how the Chatbot keeps learning over time, how its accuracy improves and how the frequency of redirects to live agents keeps reducing. The intelligence quotient is rising and our ChatBot solution is now able to handle ever more complex customer requests.

We have now integrated with the Salesforce API for CRM data and the ServiceNow API for incident reporting. We have also used Twilio to handle our needs around voice to text and text to voice conversions, which is essential for multi-language interactions.

Additionally, we have tested our solution in the Facebook and Amazon Alexa environments. We can now deploy our solution on any voice or social media platforms.