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Our Results

Latest ideas from the Lab.

Blockchain: Bringing to life a genuine use case


Conversational commerce: A joined up approach to customer service ChatBots


Personalization accelerator: Use machine learning techniques to personalize content


Web crawling accelerator: Use the internet as your real time database



  • Promote ideas we believe deliver real business value.
  • Study human behavior. Research market.
  • Play with technology to envision solution.
  • Validate with feedback. Iterate. Improve. Evolve.


  • Produce innovative prototypes to stimulate debate.
  • Identify future business opportunities.
  • Launch new digital propositions with our clients.
  • Create momentum within our digital ecosystem.
The Team

A few of the people behind the results.

Innovate with us
  1. Discover Opportunities
  2. Define the Product
  3. Create Connected Digital Roadmap
  • Research in the Lab

    We experiment, ideate, collaborate and prototype to understand customers and reveal future opportunities for businesses.

  • Envision the Minimum Viable Product

    We work with businesses to bring an idea to life with a rapid prototype, put it in the customers' hands, and gather vital feedback to make it even better and define an MVP strategy.

  • Mapping the Digital Platform

    Ness will help shape your vision with a transformative experience and technology roadmap and execution model.

Our Labs

Visit one of our Labs to get a different view on your world.

Pittsburgh: Innovation Places Photo

Pittsburgh: Innovation Places

London: Creative Spaces Photo

London: Creative Spaces

The Labs showcase thinking, insights and examples to inspire new avenues of possibility.
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