Digital Transformation & Software Engineering Services

Continually evolving digital platforms
to keep pace with customer needs
and market & technology trends

Ness helps clients manage and continually evolve their digital products and platforms through Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) services. Many enterprises invest heavily in building cutting-edge solutions, only to fall behind because they do not have the roadmap or the resources needed to maintain that edge. Ness helps companies consistently execute on their digital roadmaps, anticipate changes, and adapt technologies to align with new business needs.

Client Challenges We Solve

How can the company best modernize its platforms and incorporate emerging technologies with minimal risk?
How can we use APIs and other solutions to better integrate legacy applications with new applications?
How can we scale management of our applications, so our solutions stay current and relevant?
What opportunities do we have to increase transparency and predictability in our release cycles?
What frameworks, best practices, and metrics should we implement to ensure consistency in the way we manage our applications?

Ness Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) Solutions

Core ADM Services: Offering scalable, end-to-end ADM solutions from requirements analysis to deployment and management. Services include Application Development, Application Maintenance, Application Transformation, and Application Verification & Validation. Ness also frequently helps clients with legacy application modernization, including Portfolio Rationalization, Architecture Assessments, Platform Migration, Data Migration & Consolidation, API Transformation, Omnichannel Upgrade, and User Experience Refresh

Providing an ADM framework that is robust and repeatable to ensure transparency in the software development process and predictability in release cycles. Services include Program Management, Build & Release Management, Configuration Management, Quality Management, Metrics & SLA Management, and Knowledge Management, customized to support each client’s business needs

Work In Action: Solutions for Application Development & Maintenance


We architected a progressive knowledge ecosystem solution. The system improved the publishing efficiency of content writers by automating content ingestion into the ecosystem and storing all resources in a central location in a standard HTML5 format. As a result, the client now has an enterprise solution for managing and publishing its resources to end users.


We re-engineered a digital platform used by financial analysts to access our client’s financial products. Our team introduced a more modern, flexible architecture that enabled the client to accommodate its customers’ fast changing requirements and save 20% in operational expenses. This application modernization effort included executing hundreds of critical development and support projects.


We provided maintenance and support of business-critical applications for a natural resources client resulting in 100% adherence to SLA and reduced call resolution time & average time/ticket. Services included process and productivity improvements, such as collating historical call logs & data, creating a knowledge repository, and revising estimation guidelines.

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